Cyrus panted as he followed Sarkan. The Trickster had darted up the stairs as Cyrus chased after him in their never ending game of cat and mouse. Cyrus gave a sigh of relief as he spotted the familiar red and gold and white stripes of Sarkan's suit on the band's balcony. He climbed the last two stairs, hesitantly edging onto the balcony. Sarkan watched him from across the balcony, white eyes glittering in the shadows as he gestured for Cyrus to join him. Cyrus took a deep breath, and lunged past the trombone and trumpet players. He tried to skid to a halt before he crashed into the singer or-!

He tensed as he felt long arms wrap around him, clutching at Sarkan's fine suit as he fought to regain his balance. Cyrus flushed as he felt Sarkan's chest vibrate as Sarkan chuckled, the sound surprisingly warm for the aloof entity. "Steady, Cyrus, steady," Sarkan murmured. Cyrus nodded, stepping back.

"S-sorry," he muttered.

"That's quite alright," Sarkan replied. Cyrus nodded dumbly, not quite sure how to respond. Sarkan hummed to himself, sounding pleased. A flash of light caught both their eyes and turned to face the large clearing in front of the bataclan. Sarkan smirked as he spotted the juggler plying his trade while his wife helped him. "So, tell me Cyrus," Sarkan asked. "What do you think of my world?"

"I-I-I…It's w-wonderful," Cyrus stammered, flushing again in embarrassment.

"Watch," the older man whispered before making a gesture, drawing the boy's eye back to the juggler even as the number of objects being tossed lightly in the air seemed to double. Cyrus watched, entranced. Sarkan smiled again, circling Cyrus slowly. "You can do this," Sarkan spoke in a low, enticing voice. "Create worlds, create people…You just need to know how. I can show you."

Cyrus's head twitched towards Sarkan, but his eyes were glued to on the juggler. "Why?" he asked, dry-mouthed, half from surprise and half from the sudden longing he felt to do what Sarkan what telling him he could do.

Sarkan's lips twitched and his eyes gleamed behind Cyrus's back. "I have my reasons," he replied. And what reasons they are…

AN: This is set during the second half of Kooza. On the DVD, you suddenly see a shift in the relationship between the Innocent and the Trickster during the juggler's act: It changes from the Trickster just playing with the Innocent in a light hearted fashion to something more of a mentor role, at least in my head.

On another note, if I refer to the characters by their canon titles and not the names I gave them I'm referring to the actual canon characters, as seen in the show and without any of the complex backstories or personalities that I've developed throughout these drabbles/stories. Sarkan is occasionally referred to as a/the Trickster within my stories but that is not the same. For Sarkan, Trickster is...What he is and a more informal title than his second name of Lokisson.