Hey all this is a story I wrote and scrapped some time ago that I've reworked to fit in with the twific theme. This is my first ff but not my first writing project. Feedback and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome to my world.

AN: this first installment is an intro...no characters are revealed you'll just have to wait :)

I don't own anything but the structure of this story


I take a deep breath and lift the spoonful of cereal back to my mouth but the stabbing pain at the back of my throat stops me from swallowing and the artificial sweetness in my mouth makes my stomach cramp and I run to the kitchen sink, spit it out and wait for the nausea to pass.

But it doesn't.

I rest my forehead against the cool metallic surface of the sink and the ache in my chest starts creeping back so I go back to my bedroom and curl back into bed and pray that everything will go back to how it was.

But it doesn't.

So when I hear my mother's cries seep through the entire house I don't go to comfort her, I don't try to help her. I don't even try to move. Instead I do the only thing I can.

I cry too.


I'm awake but my eyes are closed. My eyes can't take the brightness of the morning. The birds sing and the next door neighbors take their children off to school and I try to imagine life going on.

But I can't.

I feel my husband beside me and even though his arms surround me I feel alone. "Tell me this is a dream." I whisper to him and his arms tighten and I hear him swallow thickly and I wait…

And wait.

"I can't." He whispers back.

So I cry.


I know she's awake when I feel her shrink back into my body, fleeing the harsh light of the sun. I want to comfort her, I want to take the pain away and make everything go back to the way it was.

But I don't.

Even though she's in my arms she feels so far away and when she begs me to tell her it isn't real I desperately want to.

But I don't.

"I can't." I tell her gently.

And she's crying...

So I am too.

Short, I know but the mood has to be set...

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