Her Worst Day

Maura Isles, stood and watched the scene unfold in front of her. She knew her friend, Jane Rizzoli, needed her but right now she had to process the scene. She kept her ears tuned to what the officers were saying but her gaze was fixed on her partner. She could read her so well and she knew she was struggling to hold her emotions together. Her first instinct was to go to her friend and comfort her, but she knew that Jane would not appreciate that and she may cause her to lose the tight reign she had over her emotions and she did not want to cause that. She had to be patient.

Jane Rizzoli stood over the body she had received the call about. This was something she would never get used to. Standing over a body and trying to figure out why some maniac had done this. She had lost count of all the bodies she had done this very thing with. Only this time it was different. She struggled to hold herself together as she looked down at the body. She wondered why she put herself through this on a daily basis but she could never give an answer. This day was the first one where she wanted to not only answer that question but get the hell out of there.

"Dr. Isles?"

Isles looked towards the officer needing her attention.

"Yes, Officer McKenzie."

"Ma'am we found something that you might need to take a look at. It's over here with the body."

"OK, just give me a second, officer."

Maura knew she had to remain professional. She took a few deep breaths before she started walking over to the body. She wanted to help her friend. This had to be killing Jane. She took one last cleansing breath and started walking towards where Jane was squatting beside the body.

Rizzoli felt her eyes tearing up and her vision was getting blurry. She knew she would not be able to hold everything together for much longer. This was the case that could cause her to lose everything. She had to hold it together.

Maura watched as Jane struggled with her emotions. She saw the tremble in her friend's hands as she pulled the drape back from the body. She felt the air catch in her lungs, she could not even exhale. She had to go to Jane. She had never been on a crime scene like this. Everything was happening in slow motion, no one was talking, and everyone was tiptoeing around the room. She had to let her friend know that she was here and she wanted to help her.


Maura waited for any kind of response from the detective, but none came. She could see that Jane was losing her composure. She saw her friend's shoulders start to fall and her head starting to bow.

"Jane, sweetie."

"I am not your sweetie, Maura. Don't do that to me."

"Jane, please."

"Maura, I know you use that tone when you feel sorry for someone. Don't feel sorry for me. I don't need your pity."

The whole team watched as Rizzoli left the room. No one knew what to say or how to act. They had never seen Rizzoli in this kind of situation. She was always so in control, but this was no ordinary case for her.

Maura watched her friend walk away. She was torn between what she needed to do. She did not want Jane to feel uncomfortable or be embarrassed if she went to her, but at the same time all she wanted to do was be there for her friend. She had to just forget the professional side of things and go after her. She walked out of the room and headed down the hall. She saw her sitting in the first bedroom and walked in, closing the door.

Jane felt numb. She had these emotions coursing through her but she honestly did not know what to do. Everyone always expects her to be the tough cop and most of the time she was, but this was so different. She felt like she was going to be sick.


When she heard Maura speak her name, she started losing the control she had always kept in check. She collapsed on the bed and tried to hold back the tears. She knew she was fighting a losing battle.

Maura walked over to the bed. She had never been so close to tears herself, but she had to be strong for Jane. She reached out and touched Jane's shoulder. The sound from her friend was one of the most heart-wrenching things she had ever heard. She knew Jane had been barely holding on. She sat down and Jane immediately buried her face in her lap.

"Jane, I'm here. I'm here, sweetie."

Maura listened to the heartbreaking sobs and tried her best to stay in control. She stroked her friend's hair and kept telling her she was there, but it just wasn't enough. Jane's sobs were getting louder and her shoulders were shaking with her grief. Maura leaned all the way over, enveloping her friend in her embrace. She had to show Jane that she was here and she had no intentions of leaving.

Jane needed to feel the comfort of her friend. She turned on her side so she could wrap one arm around Maura's waist. She could not remember the last time she had cried like this. She knew her tears were soaking through Maura's white skirt and her friend didn't even seem to notice.

Maura pressed her lips to the top of Jane's head. This was her first experience comforting a friend. Of course, she had never really had very many friends, but Jane was different. Although they fought and traded insults, she knew Jane really cared for her and vice versa. She just wanted to make sure Jane knew.

Pressing her lips to Jane's ear she tried to let her know. "Jane, I'm so sorry. I'm here for you. Please just let me help you."

The two friends stayed that way for a few minutes.

Maura could tell Jane's sobs were subsiding, but she never let her go. She felt her start to stir and sat up so she could move.

"Maura, I'm sorry"

"Jane, my God, why are you apologizing to me?"

Maura stared at her friend and saw her eyes starting to tear up again. She had to say the right thing to calm her friend. "Jane, sweetie, never apologize for being human. This has been a very traumatic day for you. Just promise me you'll let me be here for you."

"Maura, I don't know what to do. I can't be like this. I have to be in control."

"Jane, I think these circumstances warrant your uncontrollable emotions."

"Maura, you know this isn't me. You have to help me."

"Jane, honey, you know I will help you in any way possible but you need time. We just found your brother, murdered in your apartment."