Lesson One: Never Stand Up Your Date

Author's Note: A short, hopefully funny piece on the various pitfalls of dating and marriage.

"How could you have stood me up like that? I was soo embarrassed..." she seethed, hurling his report back at him.

It hit his chest and fell to the floor as he stared at her in shock. "Stood you up?" He asked bewildered.

Nearly screaming, she stormed up to him and stabbed her finger into his chest to emphasis just how pissed she was and hissed, "The Mayor's Banquet! The one that was on the calendar for three months!"

Paling, he swallowed in dismay. 'Oh crud! How did I forget that?' Raising his paws in a defensive gesture, he said shamefacedly, "I'm sorry, Callie. It completely slipped my mind due to the back to back problems at Pumadyne. I was swamped trying to solve it. First, ..."

"Save it!" She spit, tired of the same excuses. "You weren't swamped, your enforcers were. All you had to do was delegate but nooo that's too easy!"

"Oh, now you're not being fair. I am in charge and..."

"Which is why you delegate. Your next in command could have handled the matter but you never let him stand on his own two feet," she growled, furious.

His shoulders slumped. Obviously nothing he said was going to placate her. To give him time to think, he leaned down and picked up the report from the floor.

"And the worst of the whole affair was having to listen to that insufferable Loren Fastbind make snide comments on my choice of date," she ranted.

Sighing, he had to do something drastic to make things right with her or she would never see him again and he really didn't want that to happen. Straightening up, he reached past her rigid body to lay the report on the desk then deliberately invaded her personal space.

Wrapping his arms around her waist, he pulled her up his body and laid a toe curling, passionate kiss on her lips. At first, she still remained stiff but gradually, under his firm assault on her mouth, she relaxed and kissed him back.

When they broke to breathe, he murmured, "I truly did forget and I'm very sorry."

She sighed, "what am I going to do with make me so furious then you turn around and make me feel on top of the world with just one kiss."

Giving her a lopsided, grin he asked, "Forgive me? I'll take you to that play you've been wanting to see?"

"I should have my head examined for putting up with you..." she muttered.

"Is that a yes?"

Shaking her head, she gave him a rueful smile then nodded.

'Yes! Dodged the bullet again!' He thought in relief as he hugged her tightly.