So it Begins

Jasmine sat, her legs crossed and her eyes misted over with tears.

They fell from her eyes and made criss-cross patterns on her cheeks until they finally dribbled off her chin.

She had stopped trying to wipe them off, they came to fast and she was to tired, to many times had she cried like this, staring out of her window into the bright day.

Her parents loved her, and told her this every day, but even though she did love them, their love was not what she craved, she craved the adornment of someone else.

But who, who would love her.

Her and her curse, the thing that hurt her, held her back, people were afraid of her, her and her curse.

The tears came down even faster.

Little did she know, not miles from the castle was someone, someone itching to wipe away her tears, to heal the pain she felt. And to love her.

Oh, the agony.

Gabriel sat, his heart heavy.

He hated to see her cry, her pain was his, and he wanted nothing more, than to run up to her room, and dry the tears she was crying.

But he could not, he was a mere stable boy, who should not be in the castle to begin with.

He usually stood from a far, under her window and looked on at her, but today, he had slipped into the castle for some bread.

Which his friend, Aaron, the kitchen's apprentice occasionally slipped him.

He could hear her sobs from where he stood not more than a feet feet under her.

Oh, the agony.