A gift-fic for my non-biological brother, Spartan Ninja. Since he absolutely adores NaruxHina, I decided to write this multi-chap for his birthday. It was rather...troublesome...to resist the urge to make this into a crossover, but, hey, the fic's not for me, right? Hope you enjoy, Spartan. :D

"Poor girl." Sakura commented, watching Hinata hide behind a tree at Naruto's approach. "I can't believe how dense that boy is!" Ino fumed. "I mean, really! People in the Land of Snow have realized she loves him…though Kami knows why…Sakura, how do you deal with his stupidity?"

"I usually whack him."

"Upside the head?"


"That might have a little bit to do with it, Forehead. And you're studying to be a medi-nin?"

"Shut up, Pig."

By this time, the two bickering kunoichi, had walked closer to the painfully shy Hyuuga heiress. Sakura gained a slightly disturbing, devious look.

"I know that look, Forehead." Ino commented. "What are you planning?"

Instead of replying, Sakura marched straight up to Hinata, yanking her unceremoniously out from behind the foliage.

"Come on, Hinata." the pinkette said firmly, voice brooking no nonsense or any foolish attempts at escape.

"It's time we got you a makeover."

More is yet to come, Spartan! I loves you, and hope you had a very happy birthday! (And always remember, Naru-KUN -see? I got it right this time.- I AM THE SENSEI, I MAKE THE 'WOOSH' NOISES!) Love, Hina-chan/ Goth Lolita-SENSEI (IT WILL ALWAYS BE SENSEI TO YOU)/ person of immense awesome