Hinata stared at herself in the mirror, as Ino and Sakura stepped back to admire their handiwork.

The shy Hyuuga heiress was dressed in Sakura's clothes (1), while Ino had done her hair, pulling her bangs out of her eyes with a pair of sparkly, purple barrettes. Sakura was on makeup duty, and unlike what one (read: me) would expect of the pink-haired kunoichi, it was tastefully done, pretty even, emphasizing the girl's natural beauty.

All in all, Hinata looked older and more confident.

Until she started to play with her fingers, in her characteristic nervous twitch.

Sakura smacked her hands apart. "NO! You'll smudge the nail polish!" "G-gomen, Sa-sakura-san…" Hinata whispered.

Ino frowned. "That's another thing, Forehead. We have to get her to talk without the stutter." "If she just got used to talking to Naruto, she'd get over it." Sakura said confidently. "But…how're we supposed to get her to practice talking to Naruto?"

"Hmmmm…." Ino mused, ignoring the frightened looks the pale-eyed girl was shooting her. "Oh. My. Kami. Forehead…I have an idea."

"Well, that'd be a first for you, wouldn't it, Pig?" Sakura said the insult out of habit, more than an actual desire to hurt the Yakamano's feelings.

"Do you want to hear it or not, Forehead?" Ino snapped.

(1)- I was playing Clash of Ninja 2 on my GameCube when I wrote this scene, so the out fit Hinata's wearing is inspired from that. If any of you have played, and have seen Sakura's purple outfit, that's what Hinata's wearing. I failed to find a picture of it, though, so you guys who have not seen it are SOL. ;D

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