Tenmaku's Jealousy

It had been a while since Hachibei had returned from his accidental trip, the highlight of his year, finally finding all his wanted parts. The day he returned was an eventful one to say the least; I still remember the gun being pointed in my direction. I remember the bright flicker of the flame from the lighter in the arsonist's hand. I remember the pain of being hit over the head; I remember how scared I felt being threatened. But it didn't stop me in believing in Hachibei, I had a feeling he would return to the dorm.

I missed him so much when he went to England, I would spend all day by the phone in hope that he would call, that he would show some life. I prayed every night that he hadn't forgotten about us, I was starting to lose hope little by little. Then came the day that he returned, the day I owed my life to him and of course the day I confessed my love for him. Well it wasn't the way I wanted to do it, but I had to do it, I had to. My heart was tearing apart from his absence so I swore if I ever saw him again I would tell him.

I couldn't believe his new image he'd returned with, his new found hairstyle made his eyes seem full of even more life and colour. His new sense of style made his looks protrude even further making him even more attractive. It was like he was a new person completely; he would've been, if it weren't for his love of parts. I swore after he returned that I'd always watch over him with the eyes he favours most. It hurt a little to think he still thought of some women as a personal joy but I promised I'd be there for him.

It was great having him back; the dorm had been so different, we lost very close friends. Sensei and Kirino went off to live separate lives, this meant we got new people joining the dorm; we also got a new dorm manager since Sensei left. The changes were great and it was weird without Maeda-kun by my side. The room he stayed in remained the same after he left, his little shack outside the dorm. No one ever went in there except for me and Yukari to reminisce the old days where he would lose his mind to protect the parts he loved. The room would always have the same scent he forever carried. I could recognise his aroma a mile away, heck maybe even further.

A few of the girls he'd helped throughout his quest back to Tokyo had stayed and enrolled in the academy meaning Hachibei was constantly being followed around. He'd become a celebrity since bringing this many 'hot' girls to the school. All the boys had found their dream partner and were happily paired off. The academy was full of loved up couples and it was clear that the epidemic wasn't going away anytime soon.

After confessing how I felt about Maeda, we'd been getting closer and closer, or so I'd thought. Whenever we thought we were alone, out of nowhere a random girl would pop out to surprise us both and ask if Maeda could go for a date. One night we were even having dinner in the dorm when the door fell down on top of Hachibei only to reveal a girl holding a notebook and a pen. "Where's Hachibei-san?" Gawping at the girl I said nothing, poor Hachi needed hospital treatment for a week after having his face flattened by a wooden frame.

It was a Monday morning and the sun was shining, today's going to be a good day I thought smiling. Maybe me and Maeda-san will finally get some peace. I got up and stretched, feeling the sun pour onto my skin through the window. Walking over to my desk I could hear birds chirping lively in the cherry blossom tree, I started humming along to no particular tune. Pinning my hair up into the usual ponytails I walked out my room and into the main room for breakfast. "Ohaiyogozaimasu Tenmaku" beamed Yukari pushing her glasses further up her nose. I smiled back as I knelt down beside the table, looking down I saw that one place hadn't been set.

"Who's not eating today?" I asked quizzically

"Hmm? Oh Hachibei said he needed to do something at school so he left early" replied Yukari. What did he have planned I contemplated. He never left before breakfast or saying hello to me, this was strange.

After breakfast and getting dressed, I checked Hachibei's room, nothing. He really did leave early, but what for? I didn't know he had any work to be handed in; there weren't any projects to be completed. So what was his hurry? I let the subject drop and hurried up to Yukari so we could walk to school together. We chatted about just the general topics for the journey there, like schoolwork, relationships and some other matters. Then out of nowhere she asked "Senpai...How are you and Hachibei?" I looked over at her to see her face staring at the floor, slightly surprised by the question it took me a while to answer.

"Erm well... we're going fine, I wouldn't exactly say we were together yet but..." I couldn't finish because I didn't know what to say. The question was so random I hadn't been expecting it so I didn't quite know how to answer. Also I didn't really know myself how my relationship with Maeda-kun was; the only kiss we'd shared was that one in the October shower. The time I finally realised I loved him. I wanted to know if we were strong but I never could muster up the courage to ask him how he felt.

"That's good, I'm just...I...Well I just want to say, be careful Tenmaku-san" I looked at her confused but only saw her running off into the distance, hand on her face. What's up with her?

(Ohaiyogozaimasu-Good morning)

Chapter one done, it's short I know but that's purely because its 3 in the morning and I have to get up early I hope some people read the manga Ai Kora because it's a great little romantic comedy that just hasn't got enough credit :( Thanks for reading, Chapter two up soon. :D