I OWN AUSTRALIA! Wait what? I don't own Australia? Damn! Fine. I don't own anything from Australia.

Sarah Ashley stared at the Dr. Brice in shock. "But the doctor in England said I wasn't able to have children! This is impossible!" Dr. Brice laughed. "Not impossible, dear. Nothing's impossible." Sarah felt her heart explode from joy. She couldn't wait to tell Drover…who was in the waiting room.

When Sarah walked into the waiting room Drover jumped up from his seat, his face anxious with worry. "Are you all right? What'd the doc say?" Sarah smiled broadly. "Drover, you're going to be a father."

Drover's eyes widened and he opened his mouth to say something. Then he closed it, obviously in shock. A few minutes passed in silence. Sarah broke it by saying, "Come now, Mr. Drover. Let's go home."

9 freaking months later

Drover and Sarah gazed in wonder at their sleeping baby girl who had been born only hours earlier. "What should we name the little Sheila?" Drover asked softly. Sarah thought for a while.

So many names to pick from! One, however, stood above all the rest. "Arianna." Drover was still staring at his sleeping daughter who was a spitting image of him. "We can call her Ari," he said. He rested his hand on her tiny little head. "Little Ari," he whispered.

They're family was complete now. A young adopted son who was on walkabout and a child of their very own. That was all Sarah and Drover needed. Love, each other, and their children.