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Carlisle helped me out of the car, and helped me hobble up the path to the front door of my house. I reached out one hand and knocked on the door. Charlie opened the door almost immediately. I could tell that he was drunk, and Carlisle could probably tell too.

"Oh, hi Bella! Where have you been?" I knew that Charlie was faking, he never smiled at me.

"Charlie, if I may?" Carlisle helped me walk into the house and settled me on the couch.

"Charlie, you are drunk. Bella has been severely injured, and I don't think that you can properly take care of her until you are sober. Would you be alright with having her stay with me until she is recovered?"

I could tell from Charlie's expression that Carlisle had said the worst thing possible.

"ABSOLUTELY NOT! I will NOT let Bella leave this house!" Charlie grabbed my arm, pulling me off the couch, and I whimpered.

"Dad, please don't. You're hurting me!" I hoped that Charlie would see sense; we had a doctor in our house, for crying out loud!

"Ooh, poor Bella. Hey, Doc, I can hurt her much worse, do you want to see? She is such a weakling!" Charlie was slurring his words, and I closed my eyes. I didn't want Carlisle to see me like that.

Carlisle looked at Charlie in shock.


Charlie raised his fist and punched me in the face, giving me a black eye. Before he could raise his fist again, Carlisle grabbed him and pulled him off me.

"Charlie. I am calling child services of Washington on your case. You are physically abusing Bella, and I have the evidence to prove it. Now, I will take Bella with me to my house."

Charlie was still slurring his words. "You can't! She's mine. She's not of age. I will have you arrested for kidnapping!" He gave a drunken laugh, as if he had won.

Carlisle's eyes darkened and he seemed to tower over Charlie for a moment.

"I have connections in very high places. You don't want to mess with me." Carlisle looked so dangerous that I shivered involuntarily. Charlie was affected even in his inebriated state. He shuddered slightly.

"Take her. I suppose you can use her, with your sons. Show her what a real women –"Carlisle grabbed Charlie by the throat, looking absolutely murderous.

"How DARE you? You sick, pathetic, human. You USED your own daughter like…that?" Carlisle wasn't yelling, but that med him all the more deadly.

"Please, Carlisle." I could hardly recognize my own voice; it was so scared and quiet. Carlisle looked at me, and his face softened. Without another word, he helped me limp out of the house and back to his car. He started the ignition and we drove off to his house.

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