Summary: 45 years ago Alice has a vision of Jasper's real mate. She decided not to tell him and planned to get rid of the problem by making Edward fall in love with the new girl. Little did she she know Jasper already knew what she was planning. On the day Bella was born Jasper steals her and runs away with her. Seventeen years have passed since that day;now Jasper and Bella return along with Peter and Charlotte to an angry Cullen family. Possessive, Dominant and protective Jasper. Warning; Dark hateful Cullen's

In this story Jasper will be very protective of Bella, sometimes he won't even let her out of the house and would keep her locked in there room with her because he was scared that the Cullen' s would hurt her if he wasn't there with her.

Very protective possessive and Dominant Jasper. So I hope you all like it and enjoy! ~Thanks again for all of you for sticking with me for the longest of time:)