Summary: 45 years ago Alice has a vision of Jasper's real mate. She decided not to tell him and planned to get rid of the problem by making Edward fall in love with the new girl. Little did she she know Jasper already knew what she was planning. On the day Bella was born Jasper steals her and runs away with her. Seventeen years have passed since that day;now Jasper and Bella return along with Peter and Charlotte to an angry Cullen family. Possessive, Dominant and protective Jasper. Warning; Dark hateful Cullen's

Alice's POV

It has been two perfect years, since I found Jazzy and we had found the Cullen clan, and so far everything has been wonderful. I sat here in the living room waiting for my Jazzy to return from his hunt with the family, when I was hit with a vision.


A gorgeous brunette was lying down on a large black leather couch wearing only a lacy bra on her upper body. The stunning brunette looked up as she felt someone kissing her shoulder blade. She saw a shirtless Jasper leaning over her. He gently nipped and sucked on her neck and collarbone as he traveled down her body. His eyes darkened with lust.

"Mine." he growled lowly as he kept kissing her everywhere.

"Yes Yours." she moaned.

"My Bella, Mine." He said as his hands roamed over her body as he kissed her deeply.

~Vision Over~

"NO." I growled loudly. I was seething in anger. How could this happen. How could Jasper, the love of my eternal life cheat on me with some human!

I cannot let this happen. He's mine and mine only. He belongs to me. I cannot let this happen. I will not let him be with this Bella girl. She doesn't deserve him the way I do. She wasn't the one who healed him,it was me not her. I knew there was one thing I could do to get rid of the little problem. Afterward, my Jazzy and I would be able to have a happily ever after. I already knew how I was going to get rid of the problem. I would let the little whore live, I've already seen her parents weren't gonna last long as a couple. The whore would return back to Forks seventeen years later, since her mother had married and chose her husband of her own daughter. She would come to school and sit next to Edward during biology, her blood would sing to him which would make her his singer , he wouldn't be able to control himself and drain her or maybe even fall in love with her. I really didn't care as long as bitch was out of the picture and out of my way.

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