Hey guys! Upon re-reading this story one lovely day I came to the conclusion that my writing... sucked. SO, I am now re-writing every chapter to fix any mistakes and maybe add on a little more.

If you were brave enough too re-read through this story with me I hope that you will be much more pleased and less confused towards the end.

If you're just joining us... good luck. Remember to keep an open mind and read carefully!


Delicate fingertips brushed against the coral envelope.

It rustled as it touched the center of the smooth desk surface.

Voices echoed from the outside of the room. Their footsteps could be heard, approaching rapidly.

"Madness breeds madness." The words seemed to drip from her mouth like honey.

The door handle began to jerk. She knew the clip resisting the door from sliding wouldn't last long. Making her way to the window, emitting the only faint light in the room, she turned to glance back at the envelope one last time.

"Irony, isn't it?" The corners of her lips pulled slightly upward as she slipped through the frame.

The window sealed itself with a distinct click.

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