Written at the request of Arina Marie.

Rachel Berry was such a loser. She knew it, and everyone in WMHS knew it. But she tried not to let the fact that she wasn't the most popular girl at school bring her down. She also took great comfort in the fact that she wasn't the only loser in school. Most of the kids in Glee were pretty loser-ish too. While the other kids weren't as talented as her (and she really didn't like Kurt Hummel all that much) it didn't mean that she wouldn't stick up for them. And she knew that no matter what happened, they'd have her back too.

This week Rachel knew that the kids would be subject to more persecution than usual. It was Lady GaGa week and all the girls came to school dressed in their best costumes. Rachel knew for a fact that her costume would be made fun of the most. It was somewhat inspired by GaGa's Kermit the frog outfit. But mostly it was due to the fact that she was feeling a bit down because of her whole "mother" situation. It represented her longing for a childhood she was deprived of.

She was walking down the hall earlier than usual that morning. For some strange reason she couldn't keep Lady GaGa's "Teeth" from replaying in her mind. She walked with a slight bounce in her step and smile on her face when she realized that no one had ridiculed her yet. In fact, the only people that seemed to notice her existence at all was Puck, who was leaning against some lockers chatting to Santana. She sent a small smile in their direction and was surprised to find that they returned her warm smile.

"Excuse me! Were you dropped on your heads?" Rachel's eyes were immediately drawn the end of the hallway where it appeared that Karofsky and Azimio were bullying two of the Glee members. And Kurt was not happy about Tina being thrust into the lockers with him. She started to take a few timid steps towards where the small party was standing. Rachel flinched when Azimio's massive fist collided with the lockers next to him. From what she could see, Kurt and Tina flinched too. She watched with morbid curiosity as the two jocks talked in low, angry voices at her fellow Glee members. They started to walk away, much to Rachel's relief. But Kurt's mouth got the best of him. "Yeah, you don't wanna be late for your appointment at Supercuts!" he shouted after the two laughing athletes. She watched them turn, their facial expressions menacing.

"Watch your mouth, homo!" Azimio growled at Kurt and Rachel made a move to step in and defend her friends. But before she could even move, and before Karofsky could even finish his sentence, Puck was on them like white on rice. "What's the problem?" he hissed, crossing his arms over his chest. Karofsky and Azimio were impressive as far as brawn was concerned. But no one was bigger or badder than the Puckerone. Azimio sputtered off something about Kurt and Tina attacking the two jocks in the hall, but Puck wasn't buying it. "Leave them alone." Puck rumbled. Santana wasn't far behind him, glaring at the two massive lugs. Puck was intimidating, sure. But when it came to Sue Sylvester's cheerios, everyone knew to back off. "Don't make me get Sylvester on you, tubbers." She snarled at Azimio, who directed his eyes quickly to the floor. Rachel had the sneaking suspicion that insulting people's weight and using the term "tubbers" was one of Santana's favorite things to do.

Rachel watched the two football players retreat. If they had been dogs, they'd have sulked away with their tails between their legs. Tina was smiling at Santana and gave the Latina cheerio a wave before disappearing around a corner. Kurt, however, approached the two of them with a bright grin on his face. Santana merely nodded at him before taking off for her own classes. "Thanks, Puck." Kurt said quietly, grinning up at the taller teen. Rachel watched with interested as Puck seemed to blush and mutter, "No problem." At a now much happier Kurt.

As Rachel walked to class that day, she couldn't help but wonder why Puck seemed so shy around Kurt all of a sudden. Mental note: Talk to Puck about the Kurt situation.