So, there's this story called "Another Straight Guy." It's kind of the best story EVER. So, you should definitely read it. The author is IceQueenRia, and I LOVE HER WRITING. *ahem* that being said, I hope you like this. It's the end of our story. Thanks for all the fantastic reviews and love ;)

Quinn was in the girls' bathroom. She was sitting in one of the stalls dabbing her delicate eyes with a tissue. Her hormones were going crazy. It was seriously unexplainable. Glee was over for the day, so she knew she'd be expected at home soon but she felt the urge to stay in the bathroom for a while longer; if only to wipe her tears away completely.

Suddenly the bathroom door flew open. She heard the hurried footsteps of two people. They were quiet for a moment and she heard the door lock. Quinn let out a barely audible squeak. If there were people in here that were about to have sex, she was going to freak out. She hadn't even thought about sex since she figured out she was pregnant. And she suspected that maybe Noah hadn't either. Well, he probably did now since he was dating Hummel…

A definite male voice whispered, "Mission accomplished, Hummel." She raised a single eyebrow in confusion. Was that, Puck? She decided two seconds later that it was indeed Puckerman. And he was in the bathroom with Kurt. But what mission were they speaking of?

"Yeah, yeah, Puckerman; mission accomplished. It's not as if you didn't owe me." Quinn was now highly confused. Owe? What on Earth were they talking about? She leaned forward slightly, peeking through the impossibly tiny cracks in the bathroom stall doors. Puck was leaning casually against the bathroom wall and Hummel was standing in what Quinn liked to call his "bitch stance."

"I know I did. That's why I agreed to pretend to date you. And now everyone has stopped giving you shit." Puck said, pulling something out of his pocket. "We should smoke to commemorate the occasion!" he said, with a huge grin, holding up a dime bag. Kurt rolled his eyes and turned his back to Puck. Quinn breathed a sigh of relief when Kurt said, "Let's save that for the parties. Remember what happened the last time?" Puck flushed considerably. "Yes." He answered quietly. At this, Kurt burst out laughing. "You weren't that bad." He said, punching Puck in the arm and confirming Quinn's suspicion that Puck had indeed given Kurt head that night. Mercedes had told her. And it would seem that she was right.

Puck stuffed the weed in his pocket again and gave Kurt a look that Quinn couldn't quite read. "So, what? Should I break up with you? I don't think anyone will bothering you now." He explained. Kurt bit his lip and turned around. "You can break up with me if you want. I don't care." He said, turning his back on Puck again and waving his hand nonchalantly. Quinn felt her stomach drop slightly. She rather liked Puck and Kurt as a couple. They were cute. The entire bathroom was completely silent for about a minute. Quinn held her breath as she watched Puck place a gentle hand on Kurt's shoulder and spin him around. "I know you were just acting, and I was acting sometimes too but…" Puck let his voice trail off and Quinn felt a grin spreading onto her face.

"I actually really like you, Kurt." He said. Quinn couldn't see Kurt's face but she imagined he looked rather pleased. Puck leaned in a placed a soft kiss on Kurt's lips. The former cheerio was quite pleased to see that Kurt didn't struggle or pull away. And when the kiss finished he said, "I don't really know what to say, Noah." In a breathless tone.

"I'd like to get to know you. Like, for real. Because I guess it was okay to pretend but I don't want to pretend anymore." Puck said, leaning in to kiss the smaller boy again. This seemed to surprise Kurt more than the first kiss because he moaned. Quinn felt a little dirty just sitting there watching them. Luckily, the kiss didn't last long. Kurt pushed Puck away. They stared at one another for a moment and then the short, pale brunette said, "Come to my house tonight, Noah. I want to get to know you… intimately." With that he strutted out of the bathroom with a flirtatious wink of his eye. Quinn waited for the bathroom to empty completely before getting up to leave. Mental note: Puckurt is adorable.