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Chapter one: Explication
"Hey Renesmee. I thought you weren't ever going to talk to me again." Jacob said in a sad, disappointed voice.
"I'm really sorry about that." I apologized.

"You never did tell me why you were ignoring me..." His voice dragged on.
"Can we take a walk so I can explain?" The explanation was going to kill me.
"Sure that's fine with me," He just wanted an answer.

"I'm going out to take a walk mom!" I yelled to the living room.

"Ok, have fun! Don't forget you need to be at Carlisle's in and hour. Hello Jacob!" She always ease dropped! It can be SO annoying with vampire parents! Them and their super good hearing! I can't ever hang out with Jacob without them listing in! Not fair. "Hello Bella." He replied.

"Can we just walk for a little bit?" I asked in a small quiet voice, as soon as we started into the woods.

"Sure, I don't mind," I could tell he just wanted to make me feel ok, comfortable. We were walking for about 5 minutes before I said, "Ok, I'm ready to tell you. I just wanted to get out of earshot from mom."

"I understand. Completely!" he is so easy to talk to! So why will this be so hard?
"Here I go," I started. "Ok...um...well mom told me that you had inprinted on me. I was creeped out just-"

"I creep you out?" Jacob stopped me in mid-sentence. He was upset. He didn't even try to hide it like he normally would.

"No I just felt a little...well...weird talking to you," I tried to make it sound not as bad as it was coming out to be. It was still hurting him. This was going so bad. I figured I should try the WHOLE story.

"I'll start from the beginning. Well, about a week and a half ago mom and dad explained inprinting to me. Why it happens, the whole concept of it. Mom told me she would tell me why she explained it to me in a few days when she felt I really understood it. I didn't understand at all why she was telling me about it! I tried to understand it better the next few days anyway," I took a very deep berth. I looked at Jacob's face. I couldn't tell what he was thinking.

"Three days later," I stared again, "when she felt that was ready, she told me why she explained inprinting. She told me that you had inprinted on me when I was a baby. That you felt this was toward me. That you always did. She said she thought I had the right to know, and she thought that you went going to tell me anytime soon. Were you?" he nodding, as saying 'yea. I agreed with your mom'.

"I was creeped out, but I figured I would pretend that she never told me. Than when you were ready to tell me yourself, I would pretend it was a shock. Then take it from there. Then you called and you wanted to hang out. Go to the movies or something you said. It felt weird, me knowing all this and you having no idea. I figured that I would get over it though. As we talked more and more, I just couldn't take it anymore. I felt like I was lying to you, keeping this big secret that affected your life so much. So I asked if I could take a rain check until tomorrow. After that I turned off my cell. The next day, when my cell was still off, you called to hang out because I took that rain check. So you left a message, and when I turned my cell back on, I listen to it. You sounded so sweet and innocent. I wouldn't be able to lie to you again, so I just didn't call back. Than I just started to not answer your calls, than all together ignored you.

"I was dying not talking to you though, so I figured that I was just going to tell you everything. I was hoping everything could just go back to the way it was. I know now that it will never happen. You're not just going to be my best friend," I was sating to see how he felt.

"And my first crush..." I added softly. I didn't even think he ad heard me. I was wrong. He looked at me. Happy.

"U have a little Cush on me?" he said. Half serious, half joking. I didn't get why he would think it was a joke.

"Yes, but just a LITTLE crush, so don't get all excited." I was wondering how he didn't hate me. Not telling him, ignoring him. A cold wind blew by and I shook a little.

"You know its 108 degrees over here if your cold." He offered like he always did. He was so nice. Really though! How didn't he hate me?

"A hug would be nice. Not only because it is cold, but before I start crying for being such a bad person." So than I gave him a hug, a short one though because I didn't want to lead him on. As I stepped back he asked, "Before you start crying for being such a bad person? Your not a bad person."

"Yes I am!" I disagreed.

"No your not! Ok, lets skip the whole yes no yes no thing. Just tell me why you think your such a bad person."

"Fine. One, I just told you I know you're in love with me and that I don't feel the same way. Two, I know I will lead you on by mistake. Three, I know you and you thought everything I said. So the pack started or is going to start giving you crap 'bout this." I was protesting not explaining at this point.
He just stood there slightly shaking his head.

"Everything you just said is wrong. One, I knew you didn't feel the same way. If we were meant to be together we will be. If not, than it will not. Two, You will never lead me on. As soon as I inprinted on you I vowed to myself that I will never let myself see things that are not there, or be lead on by something you did. Like a really long hug. I wouldn't start thinking that you loved me like I did you. I would think that you were a little extra sad, lonely, or just wanted a hug. I never let myself do that before, and I will never let it happen. Before you told me that you had a little crush on me, I would have NEVER gassed it! Three, like I care what they say! They will eventually get bored and stop. Knowing them, in less then three days! So there is no reason for you to think you're a bad person. Are you crying?" He asked me because I was breathing heavily like you do when you're trying to hold back tears.

I nodded; he grabbed me and hugged me. He didn't really grab me; he kind of took my arms and hugged me. I burred my head into his chest. Crying, I wasn't sure why though. Happy? Sad? Confused? I defiantly WAS confused!

"Don't cry Renesmee. Please don't cry." He was rubbing my back while talking in a clam steady voice. We just stood there; my head burred into his chest, him rubbing my back for a while. Even when I had stopped crying I stood there hugging him.

My phone started to vibrate like someone was calling. I stepped back and took out my cell. It was Aunt Alice. I hit 'ANSWER'.

"Hello?" I said more like a question.

"Hello. Are you still coming over tonight?" Crap! I forgot all about going over there!

"Yea! I'm so sorry! I was walking and lost track of time."

"It's ok. I was just asking because you were supposed to be here 15 minutes ago. I tried to check, but yea. So I'm ordering pizza for you. The regular?"

"Yea. Thanks, and sorry again. See you in a few."

"Bye." Click. She hung up. CRAP! I completely forgot!

"Well I kind of have to go, so can we start walking to Carlisle's?" I asked, but than as I started looking around to see which direction to walk in, I realized that I don't have any idea where we are! Jacob could see that in my face.

"Don't worry. I know exactly where we are. We need to go in that direction," He pointed word northeast. We started walking and joking just like we use to. I would that way. He stared teasing me like he always did. So I hit him back like we always did.

Things were good. They were almost normal again, well getting to it.

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