By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: I ain't gonna tell you nothing.

Waluigi was playing around with a piece of cheese he found in the sewers. Why he was playing it was beyond him. Suddenly, Bowser Jr. popped out of the bushes. In the middle of a green, grassy meadow.

"Hey Waluigi... I need to do something..." Bowser Jr. pleaded as he got on his little knees.

Waluigi rubbed his chin as he closed his eyes, thinking as the cheese snuck away. "Hmmm..."


"...How about you slap some of my..." Waluigi was about to say something when an anvil landed on him, followed by a stream of hot red molten magma falling on him from the clear blue sky.

Bowser Jr. started rolling on his spiky back laughing as he kicked his stubby little legs in the air, with Waluigi running about as his entire body was on fire. The cheese from earlier was still sneaking away as Waluigi crashed into a large wooden poll, the poll falling on him. Bowser Jr. raised his head, pausing briefly as he continued laughing, tears of joy coming out from his eyes.