Waluigi was wondering something as Bowser Jr. was playing some tennis with Toadette. Waluigi glanced over at Bowser Jr. and Toadette, shrugging as he continued thinking. Petey Piranha then came by, wondering what was up with Waluigi.

"Hey Waluigi, you feeling okay?" Petey asked as he opened his big, beautiful mouth, which was filled with more teeth and drool that you could shake a feather at.

Waluigi glanced at petey, and then resumed thinking, rubbing his chin as he looked up at the clear blue sky. "Hmmm..."

Bowser Jr. patted the green fuzzy tennis ball on the grassy court several times as his eyes started to shine brightly, smacking the ball hard as it literally whizzed right past Toadette. Toadette screamed as she held down her pink dress, which was blown by the wind from the tennis ball. Waluigi was suddenly hit in the back of the head by the tennis ball, causing Toadette to gasp as she and Bowser Jr. ran over to see if Waluigi was okay, with Petey tilting his gigantic head to the right in confusion.

"Oh, I hit poor Waluigi!" Toadette admitted as she covered her eyes, crying loudly as she sat on her cute mushroom butt.

Bowser Jr. and Petey looked at Toadette oddly.