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"No." Pansy said, fixing Tonks with a glare. "Absolutely not. You tell Kings—Minister Shacklebolt, that I'm in perfect health."

"I can't just go in to the office and say 'Oi, Kingsley, she's perfect—screw the paperwork.' You're the one who decided to join the Auror program. Part of the process is a physical. You have to go—"

"I. Hate. Healers. They're psychotic. I fought in the war; they should know I'm up to this physically."

"Am I really going to have to use the genie bribe with you?"

Pansy was silent for a moment, trying to figure out what the hell her girlfriend was talking about. Finally, unable to stand it any longer, she gave up and asked. "What?"

Tonks chuckled. "Are you at all familiar with Muggle fairy tales?"

Pansy gave her a Look. "No."

"There's one about this boy who finds a magic lamp. A genie was trapped inside and gave the boy 3 wishes for setting him free—"

"What the fuck?" Pansy asked, not waiting for the rest of the story. "How the hell was it trapped in a lamp? Genies possess elements—air, water, earth, and fire— everybody knows that. They can take the shape of people and objects momentarily, but the idea of them getting trapped in something that physically couldn't hold their magic for more than a few minutes—"

"Yes, thank you for the lesson on magical creatures," Tonks said laughing. "But the point of that was the part about the wishes. That was my favorite fairytale when I was little, so whenever Mum had to get me to do something, she bribed me with wishes. Is that what we're going to have to resort to?"

"I go to the Healer, you grant me three wishes? Yeah, that sounds fair…." Pansy said slowly. She didn't like it, but if one of her wishes was for Tonks to be there with her, it might not be so bad. "And I can wish for anything?"

Tonks took a moment to consider that. "Within reason. All wishes of a sexual nature are perfectly acceptable, but will have to wait for the weekend, seeing as I've got morning duty all this month," Tonks said with a smirk. "And I don't make enough money to support your shopping habit, so any spending sprees are out. Other than that, yes."

"Deal. I want you to go with me to the appointment. I want the new chess set we were looking at the other day. And I want you to come with me to the London Wizard Philharmonic on Saturday."

"Damn it," Tonks groaned.

Pansy grinned. Maybe this trip to St. Mungo's would be worth it after all….

No. No way was this worth it. Pansy had already been sick twice that morning, and it felt like her stomach was still contemplating the idea….She was shaking. Walking was too much. Pansy leaned against the wall outside of St. Mungo's, hyperventilating. From a long way off, she heard Tonks's voice.

"Breathe. It's okay, just breathe."

"I…I can't do this."

"What in Merlin's name is up with you and the hospital?"

"Had to verify my genealogy when I was little. Standard pureblood practice," she added bitterly. "Most of our fathers are, understandably, skeptical as to whether or not they're the…er…source of their children. They test us. I've heard of Muggles doing something similar. I've always just equated St. Mungo's with pokes and prods. And lots of blood."

"Just take a few breaths. All they're going to do is get your height and weight, and see how long you can run without passing out."

Pansy nodded. She took Tonks's hand, still shaking, and followed her into the hospital. "Okay. But I think I deserve a few more wishes after this," she mumbled.

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