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Pillow Talk

By: shad0wg8

Akihito slammed the door shut violently, the loud bang still echoing through the room as he began his tirade, stalking across the carpeted floor.

"What the fuck Asami! You asshole! Your goons just walked in the studio and grabbed me. They wouldn't tell me what the deal was. They just brought me here. I was working you know. If you had something to say, you could have just called. Or don't you know how to use the phone," Akihito sneered, stopping well short of the large desk the man was seated behind. "So what is it? What is so goddamned important that you had to drag me here. It better be good," he threatened, crossing his arms and leveling a glare at the seated man.

Asami let Akihito vent, his face blank of any emotion. When the photographer finished, standing before his desk haughtily, Asami allowed the ghost of a smile to tug at his lips.


Akihito blanched at the command, the scowl quickly dropping away to be replaced by a frown. His arms loosened and dropped to his sides, his eyes quickly flitting away from Asami's penetrating gaze. He hesitated, swallowing, trying to make his mind work. Asami always had that way of unsettling him, throwing him off his game and derailing whatever intention he originally had.

"Why?" he finally managed, quietly.

"Punishment. Now, strip."

Punishment? But he hadn't taken any photos he shouldn't have. He hadn't been snooping into Asami's business. He'd been good lately. So why, why did Asami want to… What little color was left in his face drained away. He was in deep shit. Well, his ass was in deep shit, and it was about to be subjected to Asami's unique brand of punishment. Complying was always best in these situations. Still, he hesitated. They were in the office! What if someone came in; the door wasn't locked. The secretary just outside the door might hear, or anyone else that walked by…

"Akihito." A sharp, biting edge to the tone forced the photographer into action. He quickly tugged his shirt off over his head, letting it fall carelessly to the floor. His pants dropped to a puddle at his ankles and he kicked them off. Reaching for the waistband of his boxers, Akihito could literally feel Asami's eyes on him, tracking over every bit of exposed flesh. The focused attention made him squirm, a shiver working its way down his spine. Gritting his teeth, he yanked the boxers down and began to stand back up. He gasped in surprise when Asami's hands settled on his hips, his chest pressed to Akihito's naked back. The older man leaned down, pressing his lips to the shell of Akihito's ear.

"Put your hands on the desk and bend over and spread your legs," Asami whispered darkly before pulling away.

Akihito stiffened at the order and felt his face heat. His ears burned as he walked to the desk, planting his palms upon the smooth surface. He closed his eyes as he bent over and dutifully spread his legs. A hand slid over one exposed thigh, fingertips skimming up the soft skin before coming to rest at the hip. His breath caught as the hand slid around and down to fondle him, gliding over his twitching arousal, coaxing it to full hardness. Asami's other hand slid over his ass, dipping between his cheeks and nudging against his opening.

As Asami worked his cock to an aching hardness, he slid his fingers in deep, preparing and working Akihito with a thoroughness that had the younger man breathless and shaky, his knees threatening to give out on him. It was sheer torture, and yet it felt so damn good. Akihito wanted the fingers to stop, couldn't bear to take any more of the sweet, burning pleasure, and yet... He pushed against those seeking fingers, head thrown back, gasping . No, he didn't want those long, slender digits to stop. He wanted more, craved it, was nearly consumed by it. He needed…

The photographer was suddenly flipped onto his back, his hand smacking against the phone and sending it crashing to the floor. His back arched up off the wooden surface as Asami entered him swiftly, his weight resting on his neck and shoulders as Asami held his legs wide and high. He shuddered and moaned, grabbing at the edge of the desk with one hand, almost weeping with relief as Asami stretched and filled him. The older man pulled out, causing Akihito to whine in protest, and sank back in slowly, letting the younger man feel every glorious inch of him. He set a slow, torturous pace that had Akihito nearly delirious with passion. The boy's body arched up off the desk, straining and trembling, his skin slick with sweat. His head thrashed from side to side as he struggled, his face flushed and eyes hazy.

He bit down on his knuckles in an attempt to hold his cries at bay, smothering them. It wasn't long before he drew blood, whimpering helplessly, squeezing his eyes shut and arching up higher in desperation, needing to take Asami in deeper. Asami released his legs, much to Akihito's dismay and disappointment, and grabbed the younger man's wrists. He tugged the bloody hand up to his lips and licked away the coppery, salty fluid. Akihito shuddered violently as the warm tongue lapped at his skin, carefully laving over every bump and dip, soothing the sore flesh. He tried to tug his hand back, but Asami held fast, still thrusting into him slow and even. Without anything else to clamp down on, Akihito worried his bottom lip, biting it bloody as well.

Asami leaned in close, sliding deeper and angling his hips in a way that had the younger man on the verge of screaming. He licked at the boy's torn bottom lip, gently nibbling on it before sucking it between his teeth and biting down lightly. Akihito moaned helplessly, his chest rising and falling in short, choppy gasps. Asami released his lip, trailing feathery kisses along the younger man's jaw up to his ear. Akihito's chest heaved with a sob as Asami teased the lobe before letting his tongue flick inside. He pressed a kiss to the shell before moving down the photographer's neck, licking, biting, and sucking, making sure to pay special attention to the spots he knew drew Akihito wild.

When his wrists were finally released, Akihito flung his arms around Asami's shoulders, pulling him closer. He wrapped his legs around the older man's waist and locked his ankles, forcing Asami deeper, urging him to go faster. Asami captured his mouth in a bruising kiss, pressing him tightly to the desk and thrusting deep and hard. Akihito felt lightheaded as the kiss continued, sucking in greedy gulps of air when Asami allowed him brief respites. He clung tightly to the older man, his hips meeting each vigorous downward thrust eagerly. Akihito thrashed helplessly against the body holding him down, hands clawing at Asami's back, whimpering and moaning into the older man's mouth. He came fast and hard, spilling over his own belly, his scream swallowed by Asami's fierce kiss before he blacked out.

He woke up hot and aroused, Asami's cock buried in him to the hilt as a large hand fisted his throbbing member. He came, body arching up off the couch, the tidal wave of pleasure threatening to knock him out once again. He shuddered and grabbed at the cushions as Asami continued to move inside him, the smooth, deep thrusts rocking his body. Glazed hazel eyes watched in surprise as Asami brought his hand up to his lips and began to lick it clean, the wicked tongue flicking out to lap up the milky fluid. Akihito's spent cock twitched in response and he moaned, tearing his gaze away.

They were still in the office. How much time had passed since he'd blacked out? He flicked his eyes to the window. It was still light out, so it couldn't have been that long. Asami suddenly stopped moving and pulled out, making Akihito groan. He felt the couch shift and reluctantly pulled his eyes back to the man.

Asami settled back against the couch, holding Akihito's gaze. Hooded golden eyes stared at him expectantly, the order unspoken but clear. Akihito shuddered, tearing his eyes away. He got up, body already sore and tired, hesitating. Long fingers threaded through his tousled hair, pulling gently but insistently. He straddled the older man's hips and closed his eyes, slowly lowering himself onto the large, pulsing organ. His head drooped, forehead resting against Asami's shoulder as he tried to catch his breath. Warm hands slid up his back, caressing and smoothing over his shivering flesh.

Akihito sucked in a long, shaky breath and began to move. He buried his face in Asami's neck, trying to muffle his whimpers, breath puffing out in short little gasps.

"Please," he begged as his legs shook from his efforts, Asami still and unmoving beneath him. His eyes fluttered shut as warm lips trailed up his throat, his fingers clutching at broad shoulders.

"Asami, please…" Desperate, he reached for his own cock to gain relief. His hand was quickly snatched away. He sobbed as his other hand was pulled behind his back, both wrists secured by a silk tie.

He began to move again, biting his lips, moaning as he took all of Asami inside him again and again and again… He was covered in a sheen of sweat, tears leaking out of the corners of his eyes as he continued to ride the older man. His body slumped forward, his hips pressing back and down. He was so close, and yet so very, very far away.

"Please… Anything. I'll do anything…" Akihito pleaded, his cock unbearably hot, throbbing in time with his rapid heartbeat. He couldn't come this way, he needed… Akihito practically screamed when Asami grabbed his hips and thrust up into him. He shuddered and writhed and eagerly met each upward thrust, mindless in his need.

He came, mouth open in a silent cry, insides clamping down desperate and hard on Asami's length. He trembled as he felt the older man's warmth spread inside him, closing his eyes as he let his body go limp. Asami pulled out of him gently, untying his wrists before settling him down on the couch. He brushed back Akihito's sweat dampened hair, fingers trailing over his jaw and brushing over the boy's swollen lips.

"We'll continue this when we get home," Asami promised, coaxing the photographer's lips open for a long, possessive kiss before the boy finally passed out.