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Author's Note:
Usually I wouldn't post a new Partridge Family Fan Fiction until my current one was complete, but this time, I think I'll make an exception. I just had to share this story. I've been having so much fun writing it and I really hope you will enjoy it. :)

Happy reading!


Cheri Reyes couldn't help but remember the summer of 69'. It had been, after all, the summer when her entire life had changed. Of course, that had been four years ago and she had been a naive fourteen at the time, but Cheri still had dreams, and each and every one of them included the boy who had left her: Keith Partridge.

Chapter One

"Mom! Are we there yet?" The voice of 13-year-old Danny Partridge once again interrupted the calming peace that had settled over the bus. It had been the eighth time since they had left San Pueblo and Keith was beginning to wonder if his brother had an off switch.

"Danny, we still have over 50 miles left. I'll tell you when we get there." Shirley Partridge shook her head disbelievingly. Keith figured Danny's constant inquiries were getting on her nerves as well. He couldn't help but lean back in his seat and grin contentedly. Hadn't he told her that this road trip was a bad idea?

Laurie peered over the seat that separated them. "What are you smiling about?"

"Oh, nothing." Was his short, yet satisfied, reply. He could tell by the look on her face that she didn't believe him.

"Mom? Where are we going again?" Inquired Tracy.

"To the Reyes's Sunflower Farm in Greenveiw." Said Shirley.

Chris and Tracy looked to eachother, "Who?"

"Don't you remember?" Asked Laurie. "They were those nice people we used to stay with for two weeks every summer."

"Yeah, before we got all famous." Added Danny.

Chris looked to his older sister, "You mean the ones with the cows?"

Laurie nodded. "Exactly."

Tracy frowned, "I don't remember."

Shirley laughed from her place behind the steering wheel. "I wouldn't expect you to, honey. You were only four last time we were there."

But Keith remembered. He remembered each summer as if it were yesterday. They had been going to the Reyes's farm since he was little. Even their father had come along a number of times. They had all enjoyed it. Even Danny, who had been a newborn his first time, had found peace while sitting in the shade of the giant sunflower stalks out in the field. To Keith, it had been paradise.

"That reminds me…" Laurie piped up, "Why haven't we been back for a while, Mom?"

"Well, you know, people get busy and their plans change. We wouldn't even be going now if Gladys hadn't mailed me that nice letter."


"Yes, last week. It was more of an invitation the way she was dropping those hints all over the place."

Keith merely shook his head and tuned out of the conversation to think of more pressing matters. For example, why was he feeling so nervous about visiting the Reyes again? He couldn't remember a single bad memory from his past visits, yet, something told him to stay home. It took him the next hour to come upon the answer. There was a reason why he shouldn't have come. Cheri Reyes.

Cheri would have been what you would have called Keith's childhood sweetheart. They had grown up together in a sense; having spent all their time together at the farm. Laurie had even given up tagging along at age nine when both Cheri and Keith told her to get lost.

Keith grinned at the memory. Those were the days!

Cheri had even been the first person to inspire Keith to play the guitar. She started playing at seven with an acoustic and he had an electric by the time he was ten. The two of them would play their instruments together and invent songs they'd never write down, laughing and singing the whole while.

Every moment he had shared with Cheri had been sheer bliss. He couldn't explain why he was so hesitant to return to her. It had been four years, but that wouldn't make any difference. The two of them were good friends. It would be the same as it had always been. They would spend all their time together, play their guitars and go on bike rides, walks and picnics. It would be just like old times. At least, Keith hoped so.