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This is a story about Frodo and Gailethil, two characters that were initially separated by time and who come together through the One Ring. It is an Alternate Universe. A different version of the Lord of the Rings based on the original story.

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There is a Elleth Seer who lives in Rivendell, someone who dreams of the future, and what will be. Her fight with the shadows draws her to the Ringbearer and together they struggle though they have never met….yet….this is her Story…and what it means to be something you don't want to be.

CHAPTER ONE The Birth of the fifth child of Lomendil "The Nights Heart" descended from Melian during the second age "Year 2618", 350 years before the birth of the RingBearer. The 22nd of September.

Midnight was close to passing in the halls of House Firespring as three elves stood together. Lomendil Firespring, his son; Naridril Firespring, and Elrond Perethil. All had been waiting this moment in agitation for some time for within the chambers of the Lord of the House his lady wife; Torialas Firespring was with Galadriel of the Lorien, suffering through complications had been expected.

Elrond laid his hand on the master scribe's shoulder, a comforting touch. "They will both survive, my friend." He was not troubled by that, but something else that had haunted his thoughts since they knew the fifth was coming. Her birth had been foreseen, and that made her special. He worried for Torialas, Lomendil's wife, and was not certain how she would be able to deal with a baby like this.

Naridril paced back and forth, his hands wrapped together anxiously. Lomendil's son was one of the most renowned blade smiths in Rivendell. His work with Mithril legendary, and the time that he had spent in service to Perethil was a length that could never be ignored.

Lomendil gripped the balcony, looking desperately up at the stormy skies that seemed to obscure every star, and even the moon. "Its so dark." his voice caught in his throat as white lightning crackled in the clouds but still no water fell. He yearned to find even a single star, but nothing broke free in the sky. He was a tall striking elf, his ash blonde hair falling down below his waist the sides braided expertly. His steady eyes were misty green, sparkling like a pond under the moonlight. He wore ebony robes decorated with silver ivy-like patterns in contrast to Elrond's silvery white. Lomendil carried himself delicately, a walker and a scribe, his frame tall and slim, steady yet taunt..

Naridril stopped in his pacing and let his hands fall to his sides, "I cannot like this…there's a fell wind about, father. I fear for my sister who is not yet with us." The blade smith gazed up at the lightning with a nervous frown. He was blonde, like his father, but his hair was shorter, and a darker shade of blonde. His eyes glinted with the azure color of his mother's and he had the build of a warrior, strength and speed on his side.

Elrond had felt the clouds brewing for some time, but had not spoken at great length with his old friend. He'd brought Galadriel to calm Lomendil's wife Torialas who suffered from madness on occasion…and this time…she had to be calm…for the sake of her daughter. "Galadriel will keep them both safe, my friend." he assured Lomendil.

Elrond watched as icy fingers tried to claw their way into his Valley. They wanted whatever was coming into this world tonight…he could feel it in his bones. They sought to break through every ward, spell and spirit that protected his people for the soul that was on its way. The threat was present, and he knew that no matter what…he had to make sure that the Elvin Soul that came to Rivendell this day did not fall to the shadows. He looked back at Naridril, his blade master. He had been so since the battle with Sauron, but soon he would have to leave, something was calling him too from the Valley. Would the power of the Valley be enough to protect the newborn?

Bloodcurdling screams broke through the night as the lady of House Firespring.struggled with her burden. Aided with the hands of Galadriel, a calming force that would not be denied the stroke of midnight came forth and rain began to fall like a torrent. The three Elvin lords backed away from the balcony when they heard the sounds of a baby crying and Lomendil met Elrond's eyes. "Can you feel it?" Elrond nodded, and so they waited…

Not for long, for Galadriel was soon standing with the baby in her arms bathed in light though the shadows struggled around her. The small bundle in her arms was still and calm, a quiet babe. "She's here." The ring sparkled on the slender finger of the beautiful elvin sorceress as she looked into* Lomendil. "Your Last One is here…and she is already having her first dream. Torialas lives…but she is now resting."

The Three Elvin Lords stepped forward to view the small angelic child that rested in the arms of one of the most powerful sorceress' in Middle Earth. Lomendil drew a small pendant from his pocket and slipped it around the child's neck fondly. It was the symbol of his house, a fire carved from mithril, surrounded by silver that represented water. "My dearest." he touched the baby's cheek, but she did not open her eyes. "Why does she not open her eyes?" he asked Galadriel suddenly.

"She is caught in a dream, Lomendil. From time to time that will be, and you must learn to guard her from them. She is a special child to this realm, for she will give hope to those who have none. See…she is dreaming…she will awaken soon." Galadriel's words came from deep within the powerful sorceress. Her eyes glittered with scattered constellations as she looked down at the child in her arms, one so young…should not have to deal with dreams so soon.

…water…so much water…too much water…she couldn't reach the one she was with as she stretched out her hands grasping and gasping for breath. She was drowning…drowning with her husband somewhere…nearby…was he dead too?…but what of their baby?…how would he live…who would love him…care for him…feed him and cloth him…who would tell him when the time came of his heritage?… who would hold him close in her arms and keep him safe…death was coming…but what was that light…what was that hand that was reaching out…crying…it was someone…then…just before she died she knew…her baby would be taken care of….her baby would be safe…her baby would be…

"Naneth…!" the baby whimpered as her beautiful eyes opened, bathed in fear. The small elvin child curled into Galadriel's arms shivering. Rain poured down in torrents and Elrond, Lomendil and Naridil all peered at the girl and she reached out to take Lomendil's finger in her little hand. Lightning crackled through the sky, bathing the land in sudden, bright light, then fading.

"Gailethil…" Lomendil named his child…'Bright spring.' He looked to the Master of Rivendell for approval and so it was given.

Elrond smiled warmly, though his heart held mixed thoughts regarding the baby. His eyes met Galadriel, both of them had been having the same dream. He glanced down at her ring, and she nodded wordlessly. "Welcome to Rivendell, Gailethil." his expression soft as he touched the baby's forehead with a kiss.

…Mama…another voice in another dream far away…far in the distant future…the voice cried out ..Dadda…someone watched…someone silent…someone far away…

Tears ran down Galadriel's cheeks perhaps for the first time in a millenia. All they could do now is wait.