So this is my first ever fanfic in ... ever. I'm a Hetalia fan AND a Civilization fan, so I did this crossover. Please review kindly! This is my first time!

One… More… Turn…


While Arthur Kirkland is browsing through the shelves of a video game store partly owned by Japan, he spots something… familiar…

"Oh. My. Gosh. It's Civilization IV!"

Suddenly, a shady man with a hooded jacket grabs the game box.

"Hey, monsieur, I was first."

"Hey, you sound familiar… But I don't care. The game's mine!"

"No way, I was here first!"

"It's mine!"


As the two struggle with the box in a tug-of-war sort of way, the hooded boy falls over, revealing his true identity…

England gasps and shudders. "It's you! Francis!"

"Voila, Angleterre! It's me! I've lost so many battles before, but now it's time for me to experience victory once again!"

"Not if I'm going to have that game!"

"It's mine! This game is a commodity in Paris worth €50! Japan here sells it for only €10, and you know well that the economy in the EU isn't going so well."

"It's mine, because… my boss said so! Yeah! He told me that I should play Civ4* so that I can have 'time off'".

"Well, I don't care! It's mine!"



"Here." Japan said, calmly, "I have a spare copy. You can have it. Just stop scaring my customers away."

Japan hands the spare copy to France. England later buys his own copy. France and England then leave the store.

"Phew, that was close."

*We Civilization fans call Civilization IV "Civ 4" just like other games in the Civilization series like Civ2 (Civilization 2), Civ3 (Civilization 3), and the upcoming (as of August 2010) Civ5 (Civilization 5)

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