A/N: Okay so this is the final Chapter and it's really not the greatest I know. Sort of an anti-climax, but I started writing this chapter then got busy and when I finally managed to get back to it I kind of lost interest in it all. But here it is finished.

Elena woke the next morning and stretched, smiling slightly as she felt the warm rays of sun dancing over her skin. She opened her eyes to watch the dust particles dancing in the rays that managed to escape through a slit in the curtains. She shifted in the bed and felt something tighten around her, pulling her closer to a smooth form behind her.

Elena frowned slightly and pulled the covers back to reveal an arm draped over her. She turned and looked over her shoulder, a smile appearing on her lips as she saw Damon sleeping soundly behind her. She turned over to face him completely, drinking in the sight of his calm, peaceful features as he slept. She lifted one hand a traced it gently down along his face, starting at his temple and working her way down along his jaw line before resting her hand on the pillow. Damon stirred slightly but did not wake. Elena's mind recalled the events of the night before but she still could not comprehend that it had all happened the way her mind was playing it back. She smiled a little more as she recalled the way he made her feel, the way she now seemed to glow as thoughts of last night were replaced with ones of spending more time with Damon, being closer to him than she had ever thought she would be. Elena frowned a little. She needed to go for a walk to get all her thoughts in check. She had to make sure that what she was feeling was real and not simply thoughts that would come sneaking into her mind after a night of such euphoric pleasures. She knew that her heart would still be vulnerable and any forms of intimacy she was exposed to might make her heart latch onto it, wrap itself around it and not let go. She couldn't have her heart breaking again if she realized that everything she was feeling wasn't real, that it would simply be a tangle of emotions that would dissipate once the euphoric state she was in left her completely and she was brought back down to reality.

Elena climbed out of the bed quietly and tip toed her way into the bathroom after grabbing some clothes and fresh underwear. She had a quick shower, slipped on her clothes and pulled her hair back into a loose ponytail before exiting the bathroom. She looked over to the bed, making sure Damon was still sleeping. She grabbed the key, unlocked the door and exited quietly. She let out a soft sigh as she relaxed and headed down the hall. As she descended the stairs she was greeted with a warm hello from Pamela.

'Going out dear?'

'Um, yeah just for a little walk. Need to clear away some thoughts,' Elena replied with a slight smile.

'Well you just let me know when you want your jackets back and I'll collect them from downstairs. Enjoy your walk dear.'

'Thank you Pamela.'

Elena exited the guest house, inhaled the fresh, warm air, taking in the scent of wet grass as well as the scent of the rain still hanging in the atmosphere. Elena made her way down the steps, hands in her jean pockets and began to take a slow stroll down the road, letting her mind run off with its thoughts as it tried to decipher what was real and what it felt was something that was all a figment of her imagination.

Damon rolled onto his back his hand feeling around the empty space next to him. He frowned slightly and was just about to open his eyes when he felt a feather light touch move over his chest and felt legs move to his sides as Elena sat down on top of him, straddling him. Damon's usual smirk crossed his lips at her actions, which he was enjoying immensely, feeling his skin tingle as her fingers moved up along the bare skin on his chest. Damon brought his hands up to rest on her hips.

'Mmmmmm I'm really enjoying this wake up call,' he whispered.

He felt her lean down, pressing herself against him. He growled low as he felt her tongue move up along his neck to his ear.

'I'm glad you're enjoying it, my dear, sweet innocent Damon.'

Damon's eyes snapped open at that voice because he knew this wasn't Elena simply from the cold, hard edge to it.

Damon growled a menacing growl as he pushed Katherine back from him, his hand closing around her throat and tightening. She hissed back at him only making him close his hand around her neck tighter. He flipped her down onto the bed, pinning her beneath him.

'What the hell are you doing here you little bitch?' he spat at her.

Katherine glared up at him, her hands clawing at his, trying to make him loosen his hold. She stopped, relaxed and then pouted.

'I came to see you Damon. I missed you.'

Damon laughed darkly, feeling a sickening anger rising in him.

'You need to actually care about someone before you can miss them Katherine and the last I checked you did not care about me. You came back for Stefan!'

Damon tightened his hold. He knew he could snap her neck right now he was so angry but he wanted to know how the hell she found him and why she was really here.

'So I'll ask again….why the hell are you here?'

Katherine glared at Damon and hissed low. 'Fine, I didn't come here to see you. I got dragged here by that brother of yours because he wanted to see Elena. He wanted to speak to her about….him and I. He wanted to tell her it was over between them. But,' Katherine inhaled the scent around her and an evil smile snaked across her lips, 'from the scent in here I'd say that her and Stefan were over a long time ago.'

Damon growled low and then released Katherine, getting off the bed and moving around the room to get dressed. As much as he wanted to kill her, he needed to find Elena because he got a sudden chill that came with a 'what if' scenario that made its way into his mind.

What if Elena saw Stefan, Stefan saw Elena, they both apologized profusely for what they may now see as regrets, kiss and make up. Damon had given himself completely to Elena last night. He had opened up to her entirely and if this entire scenario came to be real….Damon shook the thoughts away of what would happen to him. He needed to keep hope that it wouldn't and he was just being foolish. Katherine sat up on the bed, eyebrow raised as she watched Damon.

'Scared that their love for each other might still be hidden in them Damon?'

'Katherine I suggest you keep that mouth of yours shut and that snake-like tongue of yours tied because right now I am in no mood to have you planting your own little seeds of doubt.'

Damon pulled on his shoes and flung the door open, making his way down the stairs and out the door, Katherine following close behind him.

'So there is doubt.'

Damon ignored her and inhaled deeply, picking up Elena's scent and marching off in the direction of it.

'Katherine how about you do the world a favour and take that necklace of yours off right now! I can guarantee you that no one other than perhaps Stefan would miss you and his loss will do the world of good to everyone else.'

'Ouch. I do believe that tongue of yours has become a lot more hostile over the years.' Katherine replied.

Damon did his best to ignore her, keeping his mind focused on finding Elena.

Elena's face was bunched up in a frown as it worked through the thoughts. She knew that what she was feeling was all real. She had felt that connection that she and Damon shared just grow stronger last night. Neither of them was denying the feelings they clearly had for each other. They had given into those feelings that had been kept tightly bound within them, they had unlocked the sheer passion and the burning intensity of those feelings and they were drowned beneath the euphoric and intimate waves that were accompanied with such passion and intensity. They became closer, and deep down Elena knew that in that one act of pure intimacy and raw passion, Damon had let her in completely. He had given her full access to his un-beating heart and told her that it now belonged to her. In the throws of passion, every touch, every kiss, every whispered word against her skin was telling her that, was letting her know just how deeply connected to him she would be; and all of this made Elena glow that much more.

She wanted it all. She wanted to have every part of Damon all to herself. She wanted to show him that she could love him better than anyone ever could. She wanted to show him what it meant and felt like to be truly loved. As Elena's mind accepted that this was what her heart truly desired she felt a wide grin form on her face and her heart began to flutter. She needed to tell Damon all of this. She needed to get it out of her…she needed to tell him that she, Elena Gilbert, was whole-heartedly in love with him. Elena bit her bottom lip, stopped and then turned around to head back to the guest house, a love sick smile still on her lips. She turned the corner and all the good feelings disappeared when she was met by the sight of Stefan sitting on a bench. He looked up when he saw her, a sheepish smile forming on his face. Elena drew in a deep breath and let it out slowly. She didn't know exactly how she felt about seeing Stefan but one of those feelings was definitely anger. Stefan stood up and walked towards her a small, almost apologetic on his face and that just made Elena even angrier. Why was that smile on his face? She didn't want apologies from him, she just wanted him to leave her alone and let her move on with her life….with Damon. She drew in a deep breath and let it out slowly; folding her arms across her chest to make it completely known to him that she did not welcome his appearance here at all. She stopped a little way from him and looked at him with cold, emotionless eyes. Stefan ran a hand through his hair and cleared his throat.

'Hey Elena,' he greeted her in a soft voice making her anger and irritation rise that much more.

Elena scoffed and shook her head. 'Wow, after all that's happened you come here with a 'Hey Elena' greeting.' Elena shook her head and looked down at the sidewalk trying to keep calm.

Stefan sighed, 'Look, Elena I'm…I'm s-'

Elena held up her hand. 'Don't stand here and try to apologize to me Stefan because I don't want to hear it at all.' She answered, her eyes glaring. 'You hurt me with your actions, Katherine hurt Damon with her words. The damage has been done, there is nothing you or her can say that will make that all go away. So please, save the apologies for someone who wants to hear them and actually cares.'

Elena pushed past Stefan and began to walk away. Stefan growled low and spun around.

'You can hear Damon in you already, not to mention smell him all over you!'

Elena stopped in her tracks, turned and marched back over to Stefan.

'You're getting angry at me because I slept with your brother! The last I checked Stefan we were over the moment you decided to screw that whore from your past so I think that action pretty much constitutes a silent break up between two people. I can do whatever I want with whoever I want and you have no right to get upset over that!'

Elena glared at Stefan and he at her, a silent battle raging between the two of them. He was at a loss for words. He knew she was right but he had so much he wanted to say but the anger in him just cut off all the words rumbling around in his mind. And then for some reason, he was not sure was, Stefan grabbed Elena, pulled her close and crushed his lips down onto hers, growling low. Elena gasped at the sudden action, taken completely off guard but she snapped back and began to claw at him, trying to push him off of her, his sudden action only making her anger rise to seething point.

Damon rounded the corner and stopped at the site before him. He couldn't breath he couldn't blink his eyes, he couldn't move at all. He just stood and watched as Stefan and Elena were locked in a rather heated kiss. Katherine hissed low next to him but he knew she couldn't act either. She was in just as much shock as he was. Damon felt his heart begin to slowly break once again, he swallowed hard against the lump rising into his throat, determined to not let it get lodged there. He tried to draw in a breath but it hurt too much. He looked down and away from the scene, frowning slightly, trying to regain some form of control over his body. He wasn't going to fight. He was too broken up to fight. He drew in a staggered breath and turned slowly away from the scene.


The sound was thunderous in his ears and he spun around to see Stefan stumbling back slightly, Elena's hand dropping to her side and her eyes filled with anger and disgust as she glared at Stefan.

'Stefan…you…I….Ugh,' she couldn't form any words she was seething with anger.

Elena turned from Stefan and began to storm off, stopping when she saw Damon. She swallowed and looked at Stefan, then at Damon.


Damon made his way over to her, drawing her into his arms and holding her close.

'You don't need to explain Elena,' he whispered into her hair, before glaring at Stefan, 'I can pretty much gather what happened.'

Elena let out a low sigh and buried her face into his chest, her hands grasping at his shirt collar, inhaling his scent deeply, wanting to wash away any and all traces of Stefan from her. Katherine made her way over to Stefan, clearly not happy with what she had seen herself. She grabbed Stefan by the arm and dragged him off around the corner, a heated conversation erupting between the two of them. Damon shook his head and cupped Elena's face in his hands. He looked down at her, a small smile on his face as he was drawn in by the soft warm brown colour of her eyes. Elena looked back at him, a shiver of pleasure racing through her as her eyes met with his intense blue ones.

'I love you Damon,' she whispered, the words just slipping out making her blush slightly.

Damon frowned slightly. 'What did you say?'

He knew what she had said, he just needed to hear her say it again.

'I love you Damon,' she said a little louder and without a single hesitation.

Damon smiled a warm, genuine smile before kissing Elena softly.

'I love you too Elena,' he whispered, leaning his head against hers, his entire body completely warmed up by her words.

Elena grinned the silly love-sick grin she had earlier and a soft giggle escaped her.

'Did you just giggle Miss Gilbert?'

Elena rolled her eyes and pushed Damon away playfully.

'Oh shut up,' she replied, smiling from ear to ear, her face flushing a little more.

Damon pulled her back, draping his arm over her shoulders and walking down the street.

'Let's go and get something to eat. We have a lot to discuss.'

Elena nodded, wrapping her arm around his waist as they walked down the street, happy and content. She knew this is where she was meant to be….all along.