Ash, Misty, and Brock sat next to each other on the couch in Ash's house, watching TV. Since Ash's mother Delia was at the grocery store, they could basically do whatever they wanted. So, being 15, 16, and 18, respectively, they decided to eat popcorn, watch TV, and be non-exciting.

'What would you do-ooh-ooh...for a klondike bar...dundun!'

"What would I do for a klondike bar?" Ash asked to no one in particular. "Hmm...I would go to the freezer and get one!" Ash announced with a cheery tone, as he stood up and practically skipped to the kitchen. Once he got back, he sat down and started to open it.

"Oh no you don't!" Misty yelled, and snatched the ice cream bar out of his hands. "What would I do for a klondike bar?" Misty sarcastically pondered. "I would snatch it out of this nitwit's hands, that's what!" She tried to finish opening it, when Brock snatched it out of her hands!

"Nope, that's mine!" he said, taking a nice chomp out of it.

"Hey!" Ash and Misty yelled simultaneously, then looked at each other with a shocked and confused look on each others faces.

"Oh, I know! Let's have a contest!" Ash announced. "Let's see what we would actually all do for a klondike bar! And Pikachu will be the judge!"

A faint "Pikachu!" was heard in the background, as Pikachu came dashing into the living room holding 10 large cards like the ones judges on TV hold, in his mouth. Each was marked with a number one through ten.

"Oh, that's ridiculous, Ash!" Misty said, throwing her arms up into the air. "What exactly could we do for this anyway?" Misty asked. She tried to hide it, but she was intrigued by this idea.

"Well, we would just do stuff that we would actually do to get a klondike bar! Like, I would shave my head to have the last klondike bar in the house." Ash explained, in his own Ashy way.

"Shave it! Shave your head, Ash!" Misty yelped, jumping up and down. "Shaaaavvve itttt!"

"No, I said only if it was the last klondike bar in the house, and I didn't even mean it..."

"Pikapika!" Pikachu suddenly yelled, as he ran into the kitchen, got on the table, opened the freezer, took out all of the klondike bars, and threw all but one out the window. "Piiika pii..." he said mischievously, rubbing his small, yellow paws together, his eyes twinkling with excitement and glee.

"Pikachu! No! Now I have to shave my head!" he frowned, his head hanging low. "Hey, maybe we could really do the contest now!" Now he was happy. "But what if I don't get the klondike..." sad again. "But I'll make sure I will!" he was happy again. "But what if I really can't..." sad again. "But this'll be so fun!" happy again.

"Well, we might as well get ready for war!" Brock yelled, grabbing a pillow and heading for the other couch, clutching it to his chest.

To be continued...

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