The cat's out of the café


Made: August 17-17


"No! Don't leave me Usui! I'm begging you, please!"

"This was bound to happen."

"No, please!"

"I'm leaving whatever you may say."

"No, please. Don't leave me." She said in a final whisper, her eyes pleading.

"I'm leaving."

Misaki cried as she assumed the fetal position on the cobble stone street.

With a turn of his head, her beloved Usui left her without a single emotion on his head.

Misaki felt hell as she continued sobbing.

That was the day he left her.



Sakura said, catching her pale friend as she almost collapsed on the cold stone floor.

Misaki remained unconscious.

She wished that this would all just stop.

She wished that the pain would go away.

She wished that her stubborn heart would already stop beating for him.


She woke up on her bed.

She looked outside and it was the full moon again.

"That bastard… that retard…"

"That perverted alien, he left me on a full moon."

And once again, the unbearable pain that she got from a month ago kept her from sleeping.

It forced her to look at the reminder of her damn misery.

Tears spilled as she clutched the engagement ring and with hatred, she threw it on the floor.


Misaki was walking on that wretched street when she fell on her knees and started sobbing.

Passersby watched her writhe in pain.

The tear in her heart began to grow again.

She needed to end this herself.

She wasn't sure if she was going to end it all in this stupid way.

But she wanted her aching heart to feel the numbness she deserved.

She needed the one thing that kept them together to disappear.

She was gonna do it.

She's gonna reveal her secret.


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