The cat's out of the café

Chapter 2

August 20-Sept.6

Officially Official

Typed: October 6

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Aho- idiot

Baka- stupid

Oh man, I just love to use Japanese words to describe Misaki's beloved alien.

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~ Officially Official~

"Wow! It's Takumi-kun, in all his wonderful glory!" the president of the Usui Takumi fan club gushed.

"UWAAAHH!" The total of 159 girls crushing on him sighed.

Usui stopped outside the Student Council Room to pick up Misaki.

Mayumi, a girl from the fanclub, scribbled on her notepad furiously.

He seems to be fond of stopping in front of this room:

She left a small space for Kira, the club's artst, to draw a fast detailed sketch of Usui at the doorway.

With their object of worship standing before them, moe flowers emerged from the erupting volcano of hearts.

Then Misaki stepped out.

The once smiling girls were now vampires, seeking to get the blood of the demon out of the unholy body that was holding the almighty god of pheromones hostage.

Misaki noticed the evil glint in the eyes of the girls as she held Usui's hand.

Barely audible whispers filled the packed corridor while Usui and Misaki quickly walked away.

Usui looked at Misaki with an irritated face.

"Not good." They said in unison.

~ shabu shabu shabu~

"Whaaat?" Misaki finally said after Usui tapped her shoulder for the 150th time.


"Baka. You're starting to irritate me; no you did that on the second tap. You are-"

Usui's lips crashed onto the blushing President's set of perfect lips.

Well, we all wish that her reasoning wasn't as perfect.

She quickly pushed him away while looking down in embarrassment.

"Usui no aho! I can't be caught having public displays of affection!" she hissed while Usui chuckled.

"What is it?" Misaki snapped, irritated at the now "LOL" Usui.

"Too late!" he said while trying stifle another laughing fit.

"Too late for what?" Misaki said, folding her arms across her chest while leaning on the wall.

"Ha ha ha. Very funny, Ayuzawa. Don't tell me that you don't see them." Usui said, composing himself as he took another breath.


"Oh come on. Look to your left."

Misaki did as she was told.

Embarassment overcame her fury as she saw a total of 161 girls and Seika's entire male population stare at her.

"Oh. My. God."

They said all together while Misaki sunk to her knees while hoping that the floor would swallow her.

She grabbed Usui's shoulders and made him hide with her.

"Why are we hiding Kaichou?"

"Just go with it you idiot!"

"Do you want me to start counting?" Usui asked politely, a strangely bemused expression on his angelic face.


"Five." He started, his grin growing wider.

"Four." Misaki shook so terribly, the table in front of her started shaking too.

"Three." Usui continued, getting bored by the second. Literally.

"Two." Misaki gulped nervously.

"One." A chuckling Usui whispered.

Usui looked at her trembling figure; Misaki looked at his scorching green eyes ( with just a hint of brown in them) and suddenly, she felt safe; sure. Like nothing bad was going to happen.


Something did happen.

Bags flew and chairs toppled.

"Seika's a hellhole!"

Windows shattered and fists flew.

"We're all gonna DIE!" the boys screamed, taking the role of the girls who were now hiding behind nearby doors.

"Awwwww… how sweet!"

A single voice stopped the chaos.

"Misaki! When did you start going steady with Takumi-kun?" Sakura's voice rang clear over the trashed corridor.

Misaki sweatdropped. "Sakura," she stood up while Usui helped her, a true gentleman indeed.

"Didn't you notice the commotion?"

Sakura had already answered that without saying anything. She had been standing on a worn out boy.

"The apocalypse! Seika's a hellhole! We're all gonna die! We're DOOMED!"

Misaki, after all of this, switching to President mode, grabbed the collar of a screaming freshman.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Misaki said, transforming into a demon with bloody red eyes and a murdering aura.

"Well, Seika's strongest guy and strongest girl has teamed up. And on top of that, they're dating! You two cannot be up to good!" the poor boy rambled on until he noticed that the intimidating president was 5 feet away from him, bloody red eyes gone.

"I guess… I should have told you all sooner." Misaki sighed, placing her hand on Usui's shoulder.

Usui nodded, the grin gone and the bored mask on his face once again.

"You see, well, Usui and I are sort of…" Misaki said, putting her hand on the back of her head.

"Dating?" Sakura asked, cutting her off.


"French kissing?" the boys asked, gaining snarls and whimpers from the fan club.


"Wait. Hold on a second. Don't tell me you are… doing the deed together?" the president of the fanclub asked, eyes popping wide and heart pounding faster.


"Engaged? Though that's not likely.

"Yes." She answered in a small voice.

"What was that Misaki? You and Takumi are engaged?" the fanclub, now including Shizuko and Sakura, asked.


The mouths of everyone opened wide, about to say something.

Misaki covered her ears, expecting booin and hissing.





"What? You're not freaking out?" Misaki said, pushing out Usui so that she could hide behind him.

"Of course not Misaki. I know you two are in love," Misaki flinched at that "so it's okay. We-" Sakura turned to glare at the boys " are happy for you!"

"You know, they still have a reason to fear you." Usui spoke for the first time in ages.

"I know." Misaki said, always lying, always lying.

Usui cupped his hands and whispered in Misaki's ear.

Misaki's eyes grew wide as she tried to suppress the grin. She also tried to push him back. No luck there, as usual.

"All of you, if you dare oppose Misaki, you will feel my wrath" Usui said, a serious yet devious smile, turning into a smirk, on his face.

The boys shrank in terror while the girls shrieked with glee.

Misaki sighed. "I guess it's official that we're engaged."

Usui sighed as he ran his fingers through his hair and held Misaki's hand with the other.

"Officially Official." He sighed once more.


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