Disclaimer: "Yumeiro Pâtissière" is property of Matsumoto-sensei, and since I am not her, I therefore do not own anything related to this manga, anime and game.

Author's Note: This is just a short fic (ficlet? drabble?) that I came upon whilst watching this series' 44th episode.

"Magical Night"

During that warm night under the beautiful white full moon, two breathtaking figures are dancing gracefully. The couple surrounded by concrete castle walls and various plants and flower blossoms under the moonlight makes them look like prince and princess destined to be together with little freedom from their prestigious families, yet they still managed to look stunning, nonetheless.

A young man with lovely golden locks and captivating cerulean eyes stares down at his pretty companion. A handsome smile gracing his perfectly-shaped lips, his delicate features dazzling the young lady in his arms, as they waltz gracefully.

Whilst his charming partner, a woman in her teens, has attractive caramel locks that reaches just below her shoulders and a pair of gentle chocolate-coloured orbs. Her smile is as bright as the sun, enjoying the dance while it lasted.

Henri Lucas and Amano Ichigo, who seem to be lost in their own world, does not realise that they have spectators. Even if they do, they do not mind for this is their wondrous night.

It is their night filled with happiness and unspoken longing.

That night is their magical night.