The first time she feels nauseous she chalks it up to the food at Lucky's homecoming party. Sure, Laura and Bobbie were the ones who cooked everything, but Luke's mere presence could have been enough to send the potato salad off. Carly's never had the strongest stomach despite her affinity for dive bars and cheap beer, so she pops some Pepto and goes on with her day. When it happens again a few days later she's just finished talking about Sonny with Susan, and that's enough to make anyone ill. Then there's 6 hours of caring for a vomiting Michael with Leticia, so she chalks it up to a lingering stomach bug and settles into bed with every intention of being sick quietly.

The redecorating of Port Charles is well underway even without her being there to supervise every project. She's recruited a small army of women at various income levels (admittedly she worked out a way to pay the ones who aren't rich) who are more than happy to make sure that her instructions are being followed to the letter. She's not sure what they'll do once all the projects are completed, but Benny has assured her there is enough money for almost anything she wants to do. If all else fails she's pretty sure she can talk Jason into funding a few scholarships at PCU or helping her open a design business. The plan to upgrade Jason's image seems to have spilled over into her own life by accident. A month of attending almost every charity drive has made her popular with the town in a way that she has never been, and if throwing money around will do that? Well there's plenty to throw.

But right now her stomach hates her, and she really just needs to sleep off whatever this is that Michael has brought home from school. So she'll sleep while he sleeps, or at least that's the plan. Unfortunately her stomach has other ideas. It's during her third trip to the bathroom in less than an hour that Jason comes home. He holds her hair back, brings her ginger ale, and when the worst of it has passed he bundles her up and puts her in the car. They're at GH before she can explain that it's just the stomach flu.

Even after she says, "Michael's sick and I caught what he has is all." Jason refuses to relent. She is going to be seen by a doctor, and that doctor is going to be seeing her right fucking now. Things being what they are, she doesn't just get one doctor. No, she gets Alan, Monica, some specialist she's never met before, Bobbie, and a student nurse. There is medicine to stop the nausea which is most welcome, an IV that she hates, and an unbelievable amount of poking and prodding by people who should know better.

What she wants is sleep, what she gets is an army of well meaning people. Once upon a time she would have told them all to get the hell out and leave her alone, but this is not then so she settles for closing her eyes and trying to ignore the din. Fortunately Bobbie has more sense than anyone else so she shoos everyone out, murmurs "Get some rest sweetie" and finally it is just Carly and Jason alone in the room.

She's perfectly willing to doze until they come back and confirm that she's just going to have to wait out the virus, but Jason is restlessly pacing in front of the windows and she can't bear to see him so upset.

"You worry too much, come sit down." Carly reached out with her free hand, "Tell me a story."

Jason let out a little huff of amusement, "I didn't pack any books. Just a woman who should have called me and told me she was sick."

Carly's lips curved in a wry smile, "I was trying to preserve the mystery."

Jason shrugged, "I don't need the mystery. I need you to be okay."

"I'm fine." She gestured at the room, "I could have rested at home. We can leave now, and they can call and tell me it's a virus later."

The look Jason gives her says more than any words could so she lays back and closes her eyes again. She's on the verge of dozing off when there's a knock on the door, and then Bobbie is back. Her face is so serious Carly's heart skips a beat.

"Mama what's wrong?"

Bobbie looks at Jason, "We should talk in private."

"Whatever it is, Jason can hear it. What's wrong mama?" Without thinking she reaches out, and feels him take her hand.

"Well you were right about picking up Michael's stomach bug. But that's not the only reason you're sick. " Bobbie smiled nervously, "Your tests show that you''re pregnant."

"I...I..." Carly looks back at Jason, who is sitting there with his mouth hanging open, "We..."

"This is good news Carly." Jason smiles at her reassuringly, "We can do this."

Logically she knows he's right. They definitely have the means, and they are in a good place as a couple and a family. Illogically this is too much going right at one time for her not to be scared. Fortunately Jason seems to know that, he keeps up a running patter with Bobbie about what she'll need to do at home while Carly lays there and fights down the urge to freak out. Finally Bobbie convinces him to leave, and go tell Monica and Alan the news.

As soon as the door closes behind him Bobbie sits down on the edge of the bed and says quietly, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I just...I used to dream about this, about Jason and I being a real family. And now it's here, and I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop."

"There is no shoe sweetie." Bobbie laughed, "There is a lot of work, and responsibility, and eating right, and getting more rest. But no shoe."

"I..uh...I kind of zoned out for a second while you were talking to Jason, am I going to be able to do this?"

"Yes. But given what happened with Michael they're going to want to monitor you closely. You're going to need to avoid stress." Bobbie started ticking off items on the list on her fingers, "Sleep is not optional. Neither is nutritious food when you can keep it down. Take your vitamins, avoid stress, and be very very patient with Jason."

"Why do I have to be patient with Jason?" Carly laughed, "More like he'll have to be patient with me."

"I'm sure he will be very patient with you. I'm also sure he will drive you crazy when he starts hovering and won't stop." Bobbie smiled knowingly, "I just want you to remember that he means well, that you love him, and that you shouldn't throw anything."

Carly rolled her eyes, "I would never throw things at Jason. That's ridiculous."

It's not until Bobbie is gone, and Jason has taken her back home that she lets herself consider what it will be like to have two children. To have two children with Jason. There are mundane considerations like turning one of the spare bedrooms into a nursery, and whether or not Letitia is up to the challenge. But those concerns are for later. Right now there is a bed calling her name. Sleep is a heavy weight, her dreams filled with giggling children, and curiously images of Jason as a child. She's not sure how she knows it's him and not some other blonde little boy, but she does and it warms her soul to see him that way.

The next few weeks might as well be a dream too. She spends a few days alternating between nausea and exhaustion. Eventually the nausea passes, but the exhaustion lingers. She sleeps late every day, rising only to play with Michael, or see Jason for the few hours that he's home every night. It's infuriating to be this floppy weak thing, but Bobbie assures her that it is to be expected when you are pregnant and recovering from a virus. Jason is incredibly sweet about it all, and Carly falls in love with him over and over again in between falling asleep on him.

She's dimly aware that people come by while she's sleeping, not that she can stay awake long enough to care. Luke and Lucky start making a point of waking her for their own sick amusement until Jason and Johnny make them stop. Finally she starts to feel like a person again. It's a little weird to walk through Port Charles after spending so long inside, but the fresh air is nice and she's able to see the results of the work she set in motion. People aren't afraid to be near them, there are smiles and waves from total strangers, and when she goes by the hospital for a checkup Amy is even polite to her.

She's so happy that night she almost bowls Jason over when he comes home that night. He has to brace himself to catch her, and Johnny joins Susan in laughing at them. They've got dinner plans at Luke's, and so it is in front of their closest friends and family that Carly finds the ring Jason has hidden in a very special dessert.

He doesn't get down on one knee exactly, but he does lean in to rest his forehead against hers and that is better than anything else in the world. He doesn't ask, she doesn't say yes, they just look at each other and then he slips the ring onto her finger. There's kissing and clapping, but all she can see is the love in Jason's eyes.