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Just based on Natalie and David, as they are my favorite couple in Love Actually :) Please R&R :)

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Natalie clung onto David's arm, ignoring the paparazzi on either side of them, continuously asking them questions.
It was New Years Eve, and David had decided to take Natalie out to lunch, as he had two hours to spare, before he was rushed off for another meeting.

Bad idea.
Everywhere they went, they were followed by people or the paparazzi, running after them.

'I'm so sorry Natalie' David winced, as a camera was flashed in his face.

'It's fine...really' but David could tell she was overwelmed.

They had only been going out over a year now, but David thought the world of her, and found himself being very protective of her.

'Bloody people' David turned around to his body-guard. 'Tell them to piss off will you?' he asked.

'GUYS. KATE WINSLET'S TWO STREETS AWAY!' the body-guard yelled out.

They all looked at each-other in surprise and ran off, snapping a few final shots of David and his girlfriend.

'Well done my friend' David patted his body-guards arm 'It won't be long before they find that all they will find in the next two streets are a load of drunk, fat men, so let's get to this restaurant fast...' David sighed, he would've gone in the car, but then he had thought (which now seemed stupid) why didn't they walk. He had thought it would be romantic. How wrong he had been.

He squeezed Natalie's arm 'Don't stress abou' it' she murmered, he stopped her in the middle of the street, and kissed her.

'How did I get you?' he asked, and she laughed

'I could ask myself the same question'

David brushed her cheek with his hand, while people crowded around, snapping shots on their mobile's.

David smiled and waved at them, before hurrying along.

When they finally got to the restaurant, David only had half an hour left, till the meeting.
'I'm so sorry, we'll get the car next time' he rolled his eyes 'I just forget sometimes...that I'm the Prime Minister.'

Natalie thought he looked incredibly sexy when he looked stressed, and she couldn't help but smile.

'What was the reason for this spontaneous, romantic lunch?' she asked him, while sipping her wine.

'I just wanted to be...spontaneous and romantic...' he laughed, and placed his glass down 'No seriously … I-I wanted to' he paused, while reaching into his pocket, and stroking the velvet case which was hidden in there. 'Natalie..I love you more than anything... and it would be an absolute honer.. ' he got down on his knee, and Natalie gasped, tears welled up in her eyes, she had been dreaming of this moment since she had first met him. 'Will you marry me?'
She was speechless for a moment, everyone in their chairs turned and stared at them.

'Yes, yes, yes! Of course' she choked, tears falling down her cheeks, she knelt down next to David and kissed him. He broke away and slid the ring onto her finger.

'I love you' he whispered.

'Me too' she buried her face into his shoulder, and smiled. 'Me too'