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Author's Note: This is a G-Force story because it is the first Gatchaman version I saw and I got used to the characters being like this. But I like all the versions. And all the Joe/Derk characters especially! Yum! And, yes I spell his name differently. I like it with an 'e.' New chapters will come up in a few days.

Derk's communicator beeped in his ear, waking him from deep sleep. "Ah shit,' he grumbled, "After one hell of a mission, they won't even let a person sleep." He rolled over in bed and sat up. " Pulling the communicator to his face, he turned it on and whined into it, "What?"

"Derk, its Ace."

"Yeah, I can tell who you are. Whaddya want? Its…" he paused, then returned with annoyance, "It's two o'clock in the damn morning, Ace. I just got here three hours ago. I swear if this is not a very, and I mean very, important mission, I am so going to kick your scrawny little, aviator ass."

"You are alone, aren't you?"

Derk snapped back, "Yes, I'm alone. What? Did you think I was with some woman?" The silence on the other end spoke for itself. "Shit, Ace! We just got back from a four-day mission. I haven't sleep well in all that time. What do you think I am? The Energizer bunny?"

The com link resounded with laughter. "What do you mean? Can the Condor not live up to his own reputation?"

"Funny, very funny, fly boy. Just for that, I should go out and get one. Now is there a real reason for this?"

Ace sighed, "I need your help."

Derk coughed in disbelief as he began to pull some pants on over his boxers. "Wait a minute, wait a minute. The great G-Force leader needs my help? Asking for help from the guy that people consider the loose cannon? What's wrong, did you forget how to shoot?"

"Derk! Could you just be serious for a minute?"

He snorted, "Geez Ace, I was."

"Damn it, " another sigh, "It's about Aggie."

Derk went into big brother mode, "Is she ok? Did she get hurt and not tell us? Would be just like her…Just wait and I'll be there in just a few minutes."

"No, no, no, wait," Ace's voice stopped him from pulling on a shirt, "She's ok. There is nothing wrong with her. At least she hasn't mentioned anything about it. It's is my problem, about her."

Derk fell back onto the bed, and covered his head with a pillow. "Why do I feel like this is going to be an all night conversation with you whining and bitching and me trying…"

"Here I am in the midst of my unhappiness, and your getting pissy with me." Ace interrupted. "I am trying to unload my emotions to someone other than Aggie and all you can do is complain about being tired. Like that is something you aren't used too."

Derk's voice was muffled underneath the pillow, "Ace, you're turning into a woman right before my very, uh… ears. I can't imagine that she has done anything wrong as a G-Force member, so this has to be personal. And I don't wanna hear that stuff about us protecting her because she is female. Shit, I remember the grief she gave us the last time we tried that, even if you don't. So this has to be about your relationship, which I might add is really non-existent because you don't wanna get off your lazy ass and do anything. And you should because, God knows Aggie has a thing for you, although I don't know why, but she does. She could be good for you, loosen you up, get the rulebook out of your ass. Getting laid could be a good thing for you."

Ace replied with the same tone Derk remembered his fifth grade teacher used, "I cannot believe you just said that."

Derk chuckled, pulling the pillow off, "Why does that bother you? Aggie and me already had that conversation. She can be so fun when she gets mad. She really knows more dirty language than I gave her credit for."

"You've talked about Aggie about getting laid?!?" Ace's voice shrieked. "You weren't about to do anything were you?"

"With Aggie? Shit no. She'd kill me if I even tried anything on her."

Ace huffed, "Glad to hear it. Dr. Brighthead has already talked about getting you fixed anyway. I would hate to take back my defense of you to him."

"WHAT?" Derk yelped, jerking straight up in bed. "He didn't. Did he?" his voice quaked with fear. He curled around himself and shuddered. "Ace, don't joke about this important stuff."

Ace snickered, "I will be serious about this if you will."

Derk sighed and cleared his throat as he realized that Ace was joking, "That was cruel, man. I promise to be serious now." He began a drop-dead impersonation of Dr. Brighthead, "What can I help you with, Eagle leader?"

"That's it! I'm calling the kennel!"

Derk's eyes filled with tears as he laughed, "No, man, wait…hahaha….I promise…haha…I'm serious now." He exhaled deeply as he regained control. "Could you tell I had been practicing that one for a while?"

"Yeah," Ace drawled, "If we were on an open channel, you would be in serious trouble."

Derk replied through the com link solemnly, "Ace, life is far to short to be adult. Now about your Aggie problem, just go and have fun. Be responsible now. I'll talk to you - the morning after."

"Derk, excuse me if I just don't wanna have this talk with you." Ace mumbled. "However, its not that I have a problem being with Aggie.."

"Ha!" Derk interrupted, "Then why the heck has it taken you this long?"

Ace's voice just got louder as he continued. "As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, I do want to be with Aggie, but I'm worried I'm going to change the way I act."

"What? I don't have a problem with you losing the ass-kissing attitude."

"Will you let me finish?! Anyway, I have given it a lot of thought. If I start to date Aggie, I will change; I know I will. I will treat her like a breakable and not like a member of the team. I'll favor her over my own good sense. Even if she is the best qualified to do something dangerous, I won't let her. Can you see where I am going here?"

Derk got up during Ace's confession and got a beer from the fridge. 'Oh, man,' he thought, 'I need to go grocery shopping.' He sighed, "Yes, Ace. As scary as it seems, I can see what you mean. Trying to wrap her in silk will just piss her off and then you two will fight, and all we need is a fight in the team. We are having to much trouble fighting outside sources as it is."

Ace groaned, "That's not even the worst part."

"Oh shit, there's more?" Derk paled.

"Just as I am beginning to think 'Screw the unfair treatment, I want to be with her' she tells me, at the end of this last mission mind you, that she has a date. And not just any date, oh no. The guy from the Starbucks across from the Snack J. Paul, Peter, something."

Derk almost choked on his drink, "Patrick? From Starbucks? The horny jerk? I know him; all he does is try to get girls in the sack. And not like myself mind you, I at least can take no for an answer. Not that I have ever heard of him forcing anyone," he added, as he realized what he said and to who, "He just comes on really, really strong."

"I have to do something. Her date was tonight!" came the strangled voice from the com link. "You haven't heard from her since you got in have you?"

"Relax, Ace. Ags can handle herself from any unwanted advances. She may just be trying to make you jealous. And since it is working, ask her out the next time you see her. If you have decided you don't care about the preferential treatment you will give her, then be with her. Besides, I'll help you remember to treat her like a team member, as long as she is in uniform, that is."

Ace hesitated, "Maybe your right. You know, and if you tell anyone I'll deny, I'm scared to say something to her. What if this date means she doesn't feel for me anymore?"

"Trust me, "Derk sighed, "I think it is a safe bet. Can I go back to sleep now?"

"Yeah, "Ace laughed, "Even though I'll be up all night doesn't mean that Sleeping Beauty has to be awake with me."

Derk crawled back into bed and buried himself with the covers. "Good night to you, too, Prince Charming."