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Derk raced down the road to meet up with the Phoenix. Some of Galactor's goons were on random destruction attacks again. It was time for a little thinning out of the green morons. It was not a mecha this time, just some tanks and lots of firepower. Derk was more than happy to do some demolishing himself. But, his enjoyment was not only for him. He had a plan that was going to make his little sister Aggie happy.

"Derk, are you ready for liftoff?" Hootie's voice came through the com link and Derk looked out the window to see the Phoenix hovering above him.

"Hey, where the hell did you come from? Yeah, I'm ready, just be careful." Derk replied putting his car on auto driver so it could keep speed. He always got nervous when those big mechanical arms came down to pick up his baby. One of these days Hootie was going to miss and either crush him or scratch the shit out of his car. He jerked as the arms closed in on him, then lifted him into the air and into the nose of the Phoenix. Derk finally exhaled as the car was locked into place. Just as he began to pull his self out, he found he couldn't contain the information any longer.

"Aggie, would you come to the hanger for a minute? I have some information for you."

"Sure. On my way."

Derk waited by the door to his car for Aggie to arrive. And his little sister was fast and…uh…. hyper?

"Derky!" She cried giving him a huge hug. "So, whadja bring me?"

He shrugged her off and held her at arms length. "What happened to you?"

She leaned in and whispered conspiratorially, "I stole Hootie's skittles."

"Oh, shit. Bad idea kiddo. Never steal the big man's candy. But, it may help. I have your idea for Ace catching. You just have to go along with what I say. And, hey, if you wanna be crazy about it, go ahead. It will give Ace something else to fret about."

She snorted. "This doesn't involve us kissing each other and being a couple right? I just don't think I can do that without laughing. Besides, you two will only try to kill each other. Again."

"No. Geez, Ags, you do seem to think of kissing me an awful lot for someone not interested. OW!" He screamed as Aggie pinched his side. "No, it doesn't involve any of that. Just go with me when I stalk off alone, and go after some goons by myself. You know, usually my destructive rage trips. Where you guys are so scared I'm going to kill myself? Well, this time when I leave, come with me. I won't do anything that dangerous, just enough to make Ace's hair turn white. And possibly scare him into saying those three little words."

"What? Give me chocolate?" She laughed as Derk frowned. "Yeah, ok that sounds interesting. And hey, even if he doesn't say anything, at least the trip will be fun. I've always wanted to go off like that."

Ace was already ticking him off. "Come on, Ace. Just one bird missile, right in front of them. It will stop them all, I swear."

"No, Derk."

Calm, Derk, calm… no not helping. "Why the hell not? What do you suggest we do, fly over them and say 'Stop it you guys.'? Oh, please. I promise I can shoot it without hitting any innocents. They are far enough from any houses for me to hit. I am the marksman of this here outfit and I can make that hit."

"Derk, we don't have permission to use it. Also, since we don't know what they are up to, it might pay off if we leave them alone and just follow them."

"Shit, Ace. The 'following' excuse again. Just admit that you have no, mmpph!" Derk's mouth was cut off by PeeWee's hand.

"Relax, Derk. You are just making it worse." PeeWee quickly released Derk as he felt more than heard the resulting growl. "Besides, I have something on the infrared scanner." He jumped back over to his console. "I have been looking over some data and found that one of the tanks is sending out messages to the rest. "He pointed to a blip on the screen. "It's this one. Surrounded by about 12 others. All the rest of the tanks have no humans on board, "he held up his hand to stall Derk's commentary, but they do have an tremendous amount of explosives not attached to their attack weapons Blow them up and we could take out a small city."

"So, now we can't blow up any of the tanks, nor try to take out the command tank from the air for fear of hitting the others. It will be pretty hard to get to that one tank too, surrounded like that." Ace smirked. "Now aren't you glad I'm in charge. This idiot here would have blown us all to smithereens."

The idiot in question really had to restrain himself from tackling his commander and beating his head in. He paused as one side of his brain recognized this as the opportunity he and Ags were looking for. And Ace had handed it right to him.

He kept his angry appearance, not wanting to tip off anyone. "Fine. This 'idiot' will just go destroy the command tank. Since nobody here seems to have the,"- a direct look at PeeWee, who gulped, – "balls to do it themselves. Aggie, you come with me. I need some charges to be set, and I don't do anything with explosives besides throw them."

Aggie ran for the door, knowing her moment.

Ace looked like a fish out of water. "NO! Derk that is too dangerous. We will think of something else." Derk ignored him. "We don't need to do this."

Surprisingly, Derk and Ags got some backup. "Ace, I think Derk's right," Hootie said. "You said it yourself, we can't attack them from the sky like this. Derk is the only one who can handle that kind of attack from the ground."

Ace fumed, but consented. "Okay. Derk take the explosives and try not to kill yourself."

Derk turned to face Aggie and smiled. He was about to take the pin out of the grenade. "Alright Ags, you heard the man. You ready to ride?"


"Absolutely NOT!!" Ace skidded around to face them. "Aggie is fixing the explosives, you are taking them. Aggie will stay right here. I can't have something happen to the both of you."

Again, the conspirators had help. "Yeah right, Ace. Like Derk is going to be able to do some evasive driving and set the charges. Aggie needs to go." PeeWee grinned at his sister.

"I don't think so. Derk can handle it. Aggie doesn't need to go."

Aggie stood up, fury in every line of her body. "And why not? Derk can't drive and set charges on the tank. I can do that. I have to do my job Ace. The Lord knows I love you, but that will not stop me from knocking your ass to the ground so I can do my job!"

There was a silence in the Phoenix as all members realized that this was the first time Aggie came out and said she loved Ace and the first time she had threatened to hit him.

She flushed and cleared her throat. "Come on Derk. Let's go."

Ace grabbed her arm as she turned around. "No, I can't let you do this."

"Ace…" she growled, but was cut off.

He put his hands on her shoulders and held her there. "You really wanna know why you can't go? All right fine! Because I love you, damn it! And if this crazed moron screws up and gets you killed, I may as well die to. Are you happy, now?!?" By the end of the speech, Ace was huffing and looking Aggie straight in the eye.

She pushed the case of explosives into Derk's arms, "Yea." Then she pulled of her helmet, and his and leaned in for the kiss she had always wanted.

Derk waited a few moments for them to pull apart. And waited. Then, with the case, he motioned to PeeWee. "Feel like riding with me? I'll let you set the charges. I don't think she will be going."

"Hootie, are they done up there?"

"Yeah, Derk. They had to breath for a while."

PeeWee snickered. "Good. Send the fearless leader to the com link."

"Yes, Derk?" Ace's voice sounded vaguely annoyed.

"I have several pieces of command tank and at least two dozen disabled tanks on the ground here. Could you send a clean up crew?"