A/N: I decided to try my own hand at a "Starscream trapped in the ice" story, as in my opinion there are too few of those. I know that the others out there are unfinished, but I do promise that I will finish mine. R/L is just getting crazy right now, and it will take a bit of time. I already have the second chapter done, and the remaining chapters are roughly outlined. It's just the getting them down that will be awhile.

The title means "Twist of Fate." As for the name of the galaxy, the way I figured it, if it was documented, it wouldn't have been known to Cybertronians as the Milky Way Galaxy. They would have referred to it by another name entirely, so I gave one that I believed would have fit a scientific mind on Cybertron. "World 7" comes from counting backwards from the outer rim of the Solar System.

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"It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped." - Anthony Robbins

Intorqueo de Fortuna

Galaxy C-29A321, World 7 – During the Golden Age of Cybertron

This can't be happening.

Skyfire flew over the ice field once more, running yet another scan. The scans produced the same results as each one prior: nothing. No traces whatsoever.

It shouldn't be happening. He's too skilled a flier. I simply must have missed him somehow.

Yet every scan produced the same results. All the comm. calls he made and pings he sent went unanswered. The longer he searched with the same results, the more Skyfire felt his Spark sink.

Our mission is a failure. A tinge of bitterness at the thought. How could this have happened? Everything started out so well this time…

For Skyfire and Starscream, the expedition had been long and, in many ways, difficult. The majority of the worlds that had appeared promising with the first scans as energon sources ended up proving to be a dead end. Some worlds had sentient life, and much of that proved to be unfriendly, in part because Starscream liked to tease them a bit too much. Other worlds had too little to really be called adequate for Cybertron's needs, and with a few the scans showed the energon as being either too toxic or too unstable.

By the time they stumbled across this world in the virtually uncharted galaxy labeled as C-29A321, it wasn't just Starscream's patience that was at an end. Skyfire was frankly irritated with the whole expedition himself. However, the initial scans of this world were extremely promising, as in no sentient life and the sources appearing to be stable, so after a brief discussion both decided to go in for a closer look.

After settling into orbit, Skyfire gave the usual instructions to Starscream.

"All right, here is what we will do. I will begin my scans in the tropical region in the upper hemisphere, and you will begin in the Northern polar region. We will gradually work our way into the temperate region and meet up there."

"Agreed. Upon completion of the Northern sector, we will cover the Southern portion of this world in the same manner. Once we are done, we can begin the analyses of the collected data."

"Agreed. And Starscream?"


"No fooling around on this world, please. I would like to finish at least one portion of this expedition without any type of damage or problems."

Even in alt-mode, Skyfire just knew Starscream was smirking.

"Ah, Skyfire, you know me too well. But if it will reassure you, I agree to that also."

Skyfire sighed and would have shaken his head if he could.

"You are incorrigible."

Laughter over the comm. was his response. Skyfire restrained another sigh, deciding there was no point in saying anything further on that particular subject. They needed to get started, anyway.

"So then, shall we begin?"

A flutter of wings signalled assent and they broke orbit. After breaking through into the lower atmosphere, they separated, each mech heading to his assigned region.

A few joors later came the signal from the distress beacon. Skyfire immediately opened a comm. link to Starscream, hailing him. At first, all he could hear was static. Then he did hear a message, but a broken one.


Skyfire felt fear seize his Spark. Starscream absolutely hated asking for help, he was far and away too proud to ever admit to needing any. Skyfire had taken him under a figurative wing long ago, and while some of the pride and fiery temper had been calmed, he knew they would never entirely disappear. That Starscream was asking for help now

Meant the situation was extremely bad.

Skyfire ceased his scans and turned, heading straight for the Northern polar region.

However, when he got there, the storm proved too vicious for him to get through. All Skyfire could do was fly around the edges until it passed.

Leading to this moment…

Skyfire finished the latest scan and hovered over the area for a long time. Their mission had failed: Only one world was viable for energon creation and his partner was likely deactivated. The Science and Expedition Council would not be pleased.

Or would they?

For a number of reasons, including his own arrogance and temper, Starscream had long been at odds with the Science and Expedition Council. Over time, he came to believe the Council had it out for him. Skyfire usually called him paranoid when he made such declarations, thinking him melodramatic. But still, he couldn't deny the danger level of some of those assigned missions gave him pause enough to wonder if it wasn't simple paranoia.

Skyfire also remembered hearing unsavory rumors and complaints from other scientists regarding the Council's use of their discoveries and inventions.

That was, until some had disappeared and others suddenly changed their opinions...

After several breems of thought along these lines, Skyfire came to a decision. With the failure of the expedition, there was no point in returning to Cybertron. Not only was there nothing to show for the failed journey, he had a nasty feeling concerning what would happen if he did return alone. Whether the Council would be pleased at Starscream's disappearance or irritated by the lack of viable energon sources, Skyfire could not shake the feeling his life would be at risk and it would be best if he staged his own "disappearance". No, best not to return.

But he would never come back here, either.

Decision made, Skyfire turned upwards and headed through the atmosphere into the stars. He had no idea at the moment where he would go, but one thing he knew for certain: he was done with both Cybertron and the world his partner was entombed on.

At least, that was what he thought.