Chapter 5

Sesshoumaru jumped out of the hole he had just made for Rin, Jaken was off to the side weeping silently.

As for kagome she held rin's lifeless cold body to hers hoping that the warmth that poured from her being would awaken the child. Tears ran down from her face as the rain poured down her body, she shook with the coldness not of the weather but of her heart.

Inuyasha had caused her so much pain, so much grief but this…no this was the final straw. Her hair stood on end at the feeling of someone making an attempt to take rin from her grasp, she growled low as a warning to stay away from her pup. Dead or not rin was hers and no other would touch her.

She would be the one to lay her in her final resting place, she would be the last to hold her, she would be the last to know the feeling of her cold and lifeless body. No other would touch her!

"Kagome, It is time." Sesshoumaru spoke softly

"It will be time when I deem it fit for her!" Kagome roared

Jaken eased out of his seat and approached kagome, he bowed at her feet as a sign that he was not there out of respect, "My lady, this is all very hard for us. Please understand that if there was a way we could bring her back we would, but for now she must rest. This field was chosen by Lord Sesshoumaru because it was a place rin adored because of all the flowers. When spring comes the flowers will bloom, and rin will be here when they first bloom so her spirit may pick as much as she desires."

Kagome's tears flowed harder, she knew she needed to put her there but fighting her beast was easier said than done. She knew now what Sesshoumaru meant when he told her she was not in control of her new soul, it was her beast that was having the hardest time with this above all.

Closing her eyes she could see her beast's red eyes gleaming with unsheathe tears, its paws stomping the ground, throwing its head around roaring in misery. Kagome began to speak to her beast begging for it to allow her control so they could say their final good bye's.

Lifting its red eyes to kagome it growled low, deep, and deadly before speaking. "So master do you actually think putting our pup's body in the ground will cease the pain?"

Kagome grew angry and bit back, "No beast I do not! Nothing will ever ease the pain of losing a child I looked and cared after as my own!"

Kagome's head dropped as new tears formed, she spoke softly to her beast "Not even taking the half breeds life will ease this pain."

The beast laid its head down as a sign of submitting, "I will leave you to bury our pup master, as long as you swear vengeance on that disgusting half breed."

Kagome nodded lifting her head she instantly met the gaze of Sesshoumaru, she could see the pain in his eyes. Kagome could sense demon's nearby, so she thought it best to hurry. She eased down into the hold with rin's lifeless body in her arms, fresh tears still poured from her eyes as she placed a gentle kiss on her pup's head.

As she removed her lips the spirit guardian came and played his flute for the little girl's spirit to come with it, Rin's body began to glow golden as her young soul removed itself from her human body.

Kagome gasped as the little spirit grabbed Kagome's neck and hugged her, rin softly whispered before she let go "I love you mommy, I will see you again. I promise, please take care of daddy."

Sesshoumaru's eyes widened, falling to his knees as the little girl's spirit floated to him embracing her she whispered her I love you to her daddy and made him promise to take care of her mommy.

Next Jaken spared no time in hugging the little girl as she called him uncle Jaken and whispered that she loved him also. Ah-Un was last but far from forgotten when he nuzzled her one last time before the spirit called her away.

Sesshoumaru walked to Kagome's side and held her close as she continued to cry, they looked up just in time to see her blow them all one last kiss before she disappeared into the night leaving nothing but four saddened demons in the rain.

Kagome stood in the rain looking into the village of Edo, her eyes burning red in the night. She was still angry but she was not here to kill Inuyasha, she was here to confront kaede. She knew she was there when that horrible day befallen her, she was going to confront her!

Sesshoumaru stood behind her and waited to see what Kagome was going to do, he spoke to her softly. "Kagome, do not lose control and understand what has happened will not change by killing her or harming her."

Kagome growled, "I have no intentions of harming her."

With that said they both walked through the rain to kaede's hut. She knew Inuyasha was in the village somewhere but didn't care, as she came up on to kaede's hut she could tell it was being repaired.

She stopped a few feet from it feeling a presence about to emerge, Kikyo opened the flap with Kaede and Inuyasha in tow. Inuyasha looked up to see his brother and kagome standing in the rain and instantly tensed, Kaede's eye filled with tears and wanted to hug her but was scared and knew from the way kagome looked she could sense it.

"What is it that you are fearing Kaede, have you done something that would prevent me from still caring for you who was like my grandmother? Who bandaged me and cared for me when I was injured or sick. Who gave me the advice I needed and push to help me carry on with this mission of the scared jewel."

Kaede dropped her head and nodded, "yes kagome, I should have stopped Inuyasha for what he did I ask you to please forgive me for not acting."

Kagome stood and stared at the old woman she did still love and care for, she could hear her beast approve to spare her but to strike down Kikyo and Inuyasha where they stood. 'in time beast' she spoke in her mind.

Kaede I forgive you, you are old and feeble and I do not think you could have stopped Inuyasha even if you tried. She walked towards kaede and Kikyo instantly stood in front of her sister, "You will not touch her demon!" she all but yelled at kagome.

Kagome's eyes tinted red and growled at her, Kikyo was taken aback but still stood her ground. "You would be wise to move and shut your mouth before I remove it from your face, your mate is responsible for the death of my pup so there for you are just as responsible."

Kikyo moved not wanting to be striked down and watched as kaede and kagome opened their arms and shared a brief embrace before she turned and looked at Inuyasha.

"Inuyasha, I know you have plans to find the jewel pieces and wish on it to become a powerful demon. Let me tell you that it will not save you. What you did to rin, to take her smile from us is only punishable by death."

Inuyasha began to plead and get her to understand what happened and that he had no control, but kagome turned her back and shook her head.

"My mind is made up Inuyasha, the next time I see you will be the last time you breathe. I atleast hope you make it worth my time, it will be the last fight I will have as well."

Inuyasha was confused, "what do you mean kagome?"

"That is none of your business half-breed, this era holds nothing but pain for me."

With that she turned and left with sesshoumaru in tow, Inuyasha stopped him and asked once again what kagome ment.

"She plans to end her life after you and Kikyo are dead."

For some reason and he thought he imagined it, he saw pain in Sesshoumaru's eyes. "what if I win sesshoumaru?"

Sesshoumaru turned to him and just responded with a "hm." and afterwards turned and followed after Inuyasha.

Once he caught up with kagome he felt razors slide across his face, touching his cheek he felt four jagged slices in his face, looking at his hand he saw blood.

In a rage he and kagome began to fight, he lashed out with his poison whip and she dogged making him hit the trees. She jumped from one falling tree to the other making sure sesshoumaru was watching, while he was paying attention to her he failed to notice the tree that was headed to him.

He could not dodge it in time and it fell on him, he roared sending birds into the sky and transformed into his mighty form. Sniffing for kagome he was caught off guard as a huge black dog that tackled him sending him to the ground, looking up he saw blood running from her mouth. He knew she was beyond angry she was pissed, not understanding why. He tried reasoning with her but she only grew angrier, finally he knew the only way to get her to calmed down was to pin her down.

Kagome knew what he was thinking but was not going to allow it, this was going to be a fight to the death. She would kill Sesshoumaru, she no longer had any need of him. Without warning she tackled Sesshoumaru, grabbing his neck she slung him into near by trees, running to get behind him she slashed his sides.

As Sesshoumaru roared in pain he knew she wanted a death match, and he wasn't ready to die. Not yet anyway….