Mysterious Samurai, A Batman Storey

By Andy Prosser

Mysterious Samurai and Robin were fighting crime in the city.

"There is a bank robber we must stop him" says Robin.

So Mysterious Samurai uses his sword and chop criminal legs off.

"Now he cannot outrun us!" and they catch up to the robber. The take off of the robber mask reveals that he is actually the Joker.

"Hahaha" laugh the Joker, "IIIIIII'mmmmmmm BAaaaaccckkk"

"Oh no it's the Joker!" said Roobin. "Quick run!"

"Not so fast," says Mysterious Samurai clamly as he take his helmet off.

"I'm actually Batman. Your in trouble now."

And Batman runs over the Joker with his Batmoblie.