Prompt: Sharing a post-coital cigarette.

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Arthur pushes a hand through his hair, no longer pomaded but sticky with sweat. "You know those thing will kill you one day, right?" He shifts on the bed, pushing aside the wet and tangled sheets to get some air on his legs. It's hot.

Eames just smiles, lighting up a cigarette and sliding it between his teeth. "They'll have to get in line." He takes a drag and lets out the smoke in one satisfied breath. It's dark in the room, but Arthur can see it drifting in the faint light from the window.

"Here," he says, and plucks the cig out of Eames's mouth, wrapping his own lips around it. He tastes nicotine and damp and, barely, Eames's saliva. He's careful, when he puffs, not to get too much. He hasn't smoked since high school.

"You little thief," chuckles Eames, his accent getting stronger in his exhaustion. He falls back against the pillows and tugs Arthur's arm until the younger man follows.

"That's you," says Arthur, giving the cigarette back. He sighs and tucks his head against the forger's shoulder, ending the argument. Lazily, he lets his eyes droop, his last sight before sleep a slight curl of smoke going up toward the ceiling.

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