Hello kittens! here is the first chapter to my new story that NoNameZOMG is helping me write. Can you tell that I'm excited? I've never really written with a partner before.

Anyways this is going to be an intresting story with some forbidden love between half siblings so have fun reading it and let my partner and I know what you think.


He sat on the ground in the woods behind the palace cradling the corpse of his ten year old grand daughter, wrapped in his tattered cloak as he cried. The dark skys overhead seemed to split open as rain fell, cold, hard and furious from the skys above. It was fitting the elder would think later in wary amusment as his attendant continued to dig the princesses grave.

He would have liked to put her in the royal crypt. To have buried her with her mother, and her father, and her two brothers, but that would be the first place checked by the assassins that had tried to kill him this evening.

Still he would have liked to lay her to rest properly. To dress her in the most beautiful silk dress, and adjorn her small body in diamonds and pearls. To have put rogue on her lips and cheeks to give her pale features color. Instead all he could do was stare at her beloved face in the darkness, her eyes wide open and staring sightlessly ahead of her, her once lovely inky black hair had been partually shorn off in the attack, some of the strands clung to her cheeks while others were'nt even an inch long.

One of her cheeks had been sliced open all the way to the bone from the corner of her eye to the corner of her lips, blood ran down her cheek, neck and shoulder soaking into the white of her night gown.

He held her tighter when he noticed that her body was growing colder in his grasp, a vain effort on his end to keep her from getting colder. She was already dead. Had been dead for over an hour, her small body was already starting to get stiff with rigis mortous. "My king? It's done..." Morgan said as he climbed out of the waist deep trench that he had dug for the princess. The king looked up, and blinked as if he were in a daze.

In truth he sort of was. He still was'nt sure why this had happened. All he knew was that someone in the royal family, some distant snivling coward had hired assassins to kill him, his daughter, her ex-husband and her children.

It was a well known fact that his grand daughter, his sweet and innoccent little angel would have been the next Queen of his large, war torn country. He was getting too old to continue ruling and had planned to name her the true heir in another year or so, everyone had been so excited, so happy with the exception of a few. And now because of someone's petty desires of grandure he was burying yet another child.

She loosened his grip on her small body and let Morgan take her from him and carefully, with all the respect of a man born to serve the royal family he lowered the child into the ground and then straitened back up and stood so that he could help his king to his feet and allow him to say his goodbyes to the child that had held the elders heart in her fragile little hands. An hour of so later both men sank to the ground tired, and exhausted. Their clothes soaked from the rain causing them both to shiver violently.

"What are your orders my king?" Morgan asked as he looked at the elder who looked like he was going to cry again as he gathered some of the mud in his hands and let it shift through his fingers, a look of pain etched into his features.

"No one can ever know of this." Morgan nodded his head in understanding. His king ws a kind man, but the death of his last grandchild must have been the last straw for him. "If anyone asks where she went, tell them that she has left the country to presue something of importance to her."

"Hai. What else sir?"

"I want you to gather only those closest to you who are the most trust worthy. I want the names of the ones who hired the assassins."


"And-" Morgan looked up at his king wondering what else there was to do. "I want to take a tour of the neighboring countrys after I look around this one. It may take some time, but I will find a girl that looks like my grand daughter..."

Morgan cocked his head, his green eyes widening a bit in suprise. "And I will teach her to run this kingdom, and she will be my heir."

"My king?" Had he lost his mind? Giving the country into the hands of a total stranger was-was...unheard of!

"I'll be damned if I let those mongrels get their hands on the throne, Morgan. I'll give it to a peasent before I hand it over to the likes of murderers." Morgan sighed softly as he hung his head. It was suck a crazy idea, but well...his king had come up with crazier ones. And sometimes crazy did work quiet well.

"Very well sir, and when you bring her back...I'll teach her to fight so that she will be a match for any assassin. This way, you will not bury another child ever again."