Uzu scowled at her grandfather, her expression fierce as she muttered. "You sir, are not funny." Gin grinned at her and walked over to her and looked her over.

"I know, angel. I know. You could use a little more color. Something to match your dress and the color of your eyes maybe. The family rubies maybe."

Uzu stiffened slightly then forced herself to relax.

Her grandfather had never really mentioned letting her wear the family rubies before, but she had assumed that that was because he had decided no to let her have them since they could only be placed in the hands of a legitimate heir to the throne. And she was a fake princess. But apparently she had been wrong. If her grandfather was speaking of letting her wear the priceless rubies then it mean that he was acknowledging her as a legitimate heir, and future Queen of his country.

"That's alright grandfather, maybe I'll wear my opals instead." Uzu said gently, as she turned to go get the opal necklace and earrings that he had commissioned for her on her birthday several years ago but he stopped her. His hand grasping her wrist and pulling her to a stop.

"Uzu...I know that your nervous, but it is time to finally pass themto you." Gin said as he reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a white/grey leather box and opened it up to reveil the thin platinum and diamond oval and tear drop ruby choker and earrings inside. Gin smiled at her and pulled the earrings out and handed them to her.

Uzu looked at the rubies in her hand and studied the brilliant glittering red and white and frowned. The pieces were beautiful. Truly they were. But they were...well, how could she describe them? Cold? Lifeless? No. Haunted seemed the most accurate thing to call them.

The rubies were the priceless treasures of a little girl who had died far too early in life.

Uzu felt a chill run down her spine and gave in to Gin's will since he seemed only too happy to give her the gems. She put the earrings on and then let her arms drop back to her sides as he pulled the necklace out and unfastened the clasp and waited for a second as Uzu moved her hair out of the way and then slipped the necklace around her throat and fastened it into place. "There now. You look dazzling angel." Gin said with a grin.

Uzu reached up to her neck and fingered the tear drop diamond and ruby cluster that lay against her collar bone and forced herself to smile despite the fact that the necklace felt like a collar to her. "Naruto has offered to be your escort if you don't mind."

"No. I don't mind." Uzu said softly. Gin smiled at her and leaned in and kissed her forehead.

"Good. Now lets go get this over with." Gin said as he straitened his spine and held his arm out to her. Uzu took his arm and let him lead her over to the door where the others were all standing, waiting for them. Tsunade smiled at her and waved as soon as she saw her, Uzu gave her a small smile as Gin handed her off to Naruto.

"Now Naruto-kun, you take good care of my precious grand daughter okay."

Naruto gave the king a fierce look. "I will." He promised as he took Uzu's hand in his and lifted it to his lips and kissed her knuckles before settling her hand on his arm and smiling at her as they all started to make their way towards the ball room.


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