A Gin x Ran Songfic

Chap. 416

As he lay there, surrounded by debris and concrete slabs, Gin stared down his opponent who approached him slowly. He knew this was the end, there was no way he would survive the grievous wounds that Aizen had dealt him. He knew better.

Been a long road to follow

Been there and gone tomorrow

Without saying goodbye to yesterday

Are the memories I hold still valid?

Or have the tears deluded them?

He reminisced about when he had finally decided he would become a shinigami. To get back what had been stolen from her, without making her cry in the end.


"Gin! Where have you been, Gin?" A young Rangiku cried as she ran to meet him in the falling snow, a torn and ragged blanket over her shoulders as she tried to keep herself warm in the cold, cold night. He approached her slowly with a shinigami's robe draped over his shoulders. She saw this and gasped.

"Those are shinigami clothes! Where did you get them…?" she asked as her pace slowed to a walk. He turned away, not wanting to meet her gaze. But the bloodstains on his cheek were proof that he had done something evil, for her.

"I've decided. I'm going to become a shinigami. Become a shinigami and change things." he stated as he turned and met her confused and baffled gaze. He knew his decision was going to be a fatal one, but he didn't care. After seeing her on the road that fateful day, watching as those shinigami left her there to die, he knew nothing was going to stop him from accomplishing his goal. He knew.

"So that they'll end…without Rangiku having to cry." he promised.

-End of Flashback-

Maybe this time tomorrow

The rain will cease to follow

And the mist will fade into one more today

Something somewhere out there keeps calling

"Gin!" he looked up and saw Rangiku leap into the air as she tried to get to his side. For some reason, he felt happy. Seeing her run to him like this…he was happy. He could feel the blood drip past his lips and down his chin as his slanted eyes slowly closed, this was it.

Am I going home?

Will I hear someone, singing solace to the silent moon?

Zero gravity what's it like?

Am I alone?

Is somebody there beyond these heavy aching feet

Still the road keeps on telling me to go on

He had come a long way, had hurt and killed many people. All of that hardship and pain, all of that grief for one person. And one person alone. Rangiku. He had done it all, been marked a traitor, served the good-for-nothing bastard Aizen, made himself out to be the bad guy, all to get back what she had lost. To give the person he loved most something she had lost, long ago when they were just children.

`Rangiku…It didn't work. In the end…I couldn't get back what was taken from you.` he thought as she landed beside him and pulled his body into her lap. He could just barely see her lips move, but he couldn't hear anything. He felt like he was slipping away, into the darkness of eternal sleep.

Something is pulling me

`Ahh…I knew it. I'm glad…I said sorry.` he thought as he finally slipped away, his breathing stopped and his eyes closed forever. He had come a long way, but she was worth it. She was worth it.

I feel the gravity of it all.

Okay, I wrote this after reading chapter 416 of bleach, and when they finally show some GinRan, Gin dies. I was like `Aw hell no! Kubo why?` but I was kinda sad too. Gin was one of my favorites, besides Grimmjow, who's my number 1.

Enjoy, and the song's called `Gravity`. It's the ending theme for `Wolf's Rain`