Gibbs sat grumpily on the edge of the picnic table. He hated these things - I mean really hated them - but Vance had decreed that everyone was to attend the NCIS Labor Day picnic. Team building, he called it. Well fuck that, thought Gibbs, my team doesn't need any building - I've got them just the way I want them already.

Actually, Gibbs didn't understand how anyone could like these functions. First there was the heat and humidity, then the bugs. Bugs in the food, bugs on your face, hell, he could even see a line of ants crawling up the picnic table leg. It was a wonder no one had gotten food poisoning, although some kid had thrown up after eating too much and then running around during the game of flag football some agents had put together. Gibbs glanced at his watch and wondered how soon he could make his escape.

"Having a good time yet, boss?" Gibbs was startled out of his his reverie by the sound of Tony's voice and looked up to see his senior agent standing in front of him, holding out a white paper wrapped item. "Present for you," said Tony as he handed it off to Gibbs.

"What is is?"

"Creamsicle," replied Tony as he stripped the paper off his own popsicle. "Agent Jarmin brought a whole cooler full of ice cream treats for the kids but they're going fast. I snagged one for you."

"And I would want to eat this, why?"

"Because they're good. Really, boss, you need to expand your food horizons. There's more to life than steak, beer and chinese takeout." Then, without ever breaking Gibbs' gaze, Tony popped the frozen confection into his mouth as far as it would go, closed his lips around it, and slowly drew it back out. Then he gave his best lascivious grin and said, "Try it, you'll like it."

Gibbs returned his grin, all complaints about the picnic now forgotten. "I dunno Tony, you might have to do more to convince me," he said.

"I'd be happy to. You see, a creamsicle is the perfect blend of flavors. First there's the tangy orange outside." Tony paused to run his tongue up the side of his popsicle. When he reached the top, he slid the tip into his mouth and sucked noisily. "Mmmm."

"What's on the inside?" Gibbs asked with pretend innocence as he watched Tony swirl his tongue around the treat again.

"Oh, that' s the best part. Once you work at it a bit, you get to the creamy center." Then, very deliberately, he used his teeth to shave off a bit of the surface of the popsicle, exposing the white center which he showed to Gibbs before returning it to his mouth and continuing lick and suck with obvious delight.

Gibbs laughed. "Only you could make eating a popsicle a sexual experience."

"Wouldn't want it to go to waste," Tony said with a smile. "Which yours is doing by the way." Then he reached out his free hand to grasp Gibbs', turning it over to expose the orange rivulet of melting juice that was flowing down Gibbs' wrist. Tony glanced around to make sure no one was watching, then he bent over and lapped up the offending trickle with his tongue. "Better hurry Gibbs, or I'm gonna have to eat yours, too." The sexy grin that was plastered across his face made it clear he was NOT talking about the creamsicle.

Gibbs chuckled deep in his throat, tossed his uneaten creamsicle into the nearby trashcan and stood up. "C'mon Tony, time to go. I think this is one *treat* you need to finish at home."