Title: Buzzed

Author: BuffyAngel68

Rating: FRT for now (implications) FRAO later on.

Summary: Lassiter gets a late-night visit... Lassie/ ? at least for now. A post-ep drabble for 'Lassie Did a Bad, Bad Thing' that's leading into a full story.

Disclaimer: Don't own, not making funds. Just having fun with things I've gleaned from little moments in the series...


At first, Lassiter jumped and tensed when the warm, nude body slipped into bed behind him, but his fears were instantly eased by the voice that drifted into his ear.

"Relax, sweetheart. It's just me."

"Sorry, sir."

"No problem. I don't surprise you like this very often. You're not used to it. Besides, your hyper-awareness is what's kept you alive this long. I bless it. You feeling okay?"

"Yes, sir."


"I am, really." Lassiter insisted, turning in his lover's arms to face him.

"Okay. I see it, now."

"I'm glad. Why are you here, sir? As you said, you don't do things this way."

"I had a proposition I wanted to make."

"Oh Lord... you think it's time, don't you?"

"We talked about this when they first showed up. You know exactly how Spencer does what he does."

"I know." Lassiter admitted reluctantly. "His powers of observation are like nothing I've ever seen. If we could just convince him to give up that absurd psychic routine... we just might be able to shape and mold him into one of the best detectives this state has ever seen. And Guster..."

"Yeah. He wants to dominate Shawn so bad he can taste it."

"But he doesn't realize that's what he wants. He just thinks if he slaps the shit out of him once, it might do him some good."

His lover sobered.

"Spencer could easily end up under the control of someone who'd do just that. I won't let it happen."

"I know that too. So we're bringing them in?" Carlton asked, his brow furrowing slightly. He'd been facing this prospect for months and, despite the immense potential he saw beneath Shawn Spencer's ranting and mockery, he wasn't at all sure he wanted anyone intruding on a relationship he treasured and that kept him sane.

"Can't let either of them go on like they are much longer. Besides, getting them started will protect them from that rat bastard..."

Lassiter made a soft, soothing noise and stroked one hand down his lover's face.

"Henry did the best he could. Raising a gifted kid is difficult on the best of days. He just didn't have the patience or the skill to give Shawn what he needed."

"Yeah... he's still a rat bastard for not realizing that and pulling in somebody who *did*."

"We'll fix it, sir. *You'll* fix it."

"Absolutely. You and I will discuss a plan of action in the morning. Now... let's talk about your reckless behavior on this case. Not to mention the fact that you were willing to just give up on everything you've worked so hard for."

Lassiter swallowed hard and smiled warily, knowing full well that he was about to be thoroughly punished. He wouldn't be genuinely hurt, however, and also knew he deserved it and would be better for it when the next few hours had passed. Still, he felt a mild protest was warranted and couldn't get him in more trouble than he was already in.

"Um... oh shit?"

"At the very least."