Summary: Renji Yanagi found a beautiful piece of literature lying about the school library and was quite certain that it was purely student-made. He does not recognize the handwriting of the person while Ranawa Ikeda searches tirelessly for that creative writing piece she had to finish. Are the fates toying the feelings of the two most logical students in Rikkaidai Fuzoku Chuu?

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Prince of Tennis characters.

"And thus, we looked onto the everlasting sky in whose hand held the strings of our fate and intertwined the faces of the world beyond. Dusk had turned into dawn and I looked up to see the new dawn that I had deemed impossible. The sun, like a jewel of the galaxy itself, glowed with a different shine. It greeted the inhabitants of my awakening land with a simple cheery radiance and it simply took the breathe out of me. A cool wind blew past me and I turned, knowing that the ending was just a complex beginning that was slowly unfolding."

Yanagi Renji, the Dataman of Rikkaidai Fuzoku Chuu could not help but marvel at the magnificent display of writing he had just read. He was simply looking for an encyclopedia and accidentally came upon this breathtaking piece of literature. There was no name and he could not recognize the handwriting of the author, but with one look at the texture of the paper, Yanagi knew that it had to a student of Rikkai.

The handwriting looked feminine; maybe his fangirls had made it themselves and had planned for him to read it. He shook his head, gripping the piece of paper even more tightly. No, his fangirls weren't idiots but they just weren't capable of writing something ingenious like this. Unknown to the Dataman however, as he assessed and analyzed the piece of paper, a tall dark-haired girl was searching frantically for a creative writing piece she had to finish.

Ikeda Ranawa had been in the school library, completely at peace when her friend, Hayashi Naomi had disturbed her. Naomi, absent-minded that she was, had forgotten where she had put her important book report papers and knowing that Ranawa kept track of their group's school papers, she had called her obviously annoyed friend.

After thirty-minutes of desperately trying to find the papers, Naomi suddenly remembered that she had given it to her best friend Shiho for safe-keeping. She had furiously apologized to the already irritated Ranawa, who stomped back to the library to finish her story. Ranawa remembered exactly where she had left her paper, but became frustrated when it was not there. Unknown to her, Yanagi Renji had found her piece and began reading it while walking through the gigantic library.

Ranawa began searching shelf-to-shelf while Yanagi placed the paper in his bag carefully, so that he or any other of his teammates would accidentally ruin it. After ten agonizing minutes, Ranawa was about to give up her search when she nearly bumps into the leaving Renji. He looked just as surprised as girl, although his eyes did not open.

"Oh. Um. Sorry." Ranawa knew who Renji was; he had high rankings in the school grading score. Not wanting to speak to anybody (afraid that she might burst of anger), especially to Yanagi Renji, Ranawa quickly fled to another shelve leaving the tall tennis player confused. Finally he came to the conclusion that she had just wanted some peace and quiet from the noise of Rikkaidai and left hurriedly when he realized that he might be late to practice. No, she was a frantic teenage girl who is clearly not capable of writing the piece in his bag.

As Ranawa placed the back of her head onto the wooden shelf, she grunted, "Ugh." She had searched everywhere in the library; how could she not have found it? Then a thought ran through her mind: Did Yanagi Renji take it? Then, Ranawa chuckled mindlessly to herself. Sure, he was friends with the trickster Niou, the self-centered Marui, the childish Kirihara, or even the unpredictable Yukimura - but he was the Dataman. There was absolutely no way he could have found the paper and not have concluded that she was the writer.

She blinked. Maybe somebody else came in and they had taken it. Yes, that was it. The only reasonable thing for her to do was to create a new story and forget about her old one - it was impossible to find her paper now. Ranawa nodded to herself and left the library slowly. As she was about to close the door, she reluctantly turned around, hoping to find her paper but it was nowhere to be found.

The girl merely sighed as she brushed her long wavy black locks of her hair and trudged back home feeling completely devastated.

"That sure is one nice piece of literature." Marui goggled at the piece of paper that he, Niou, and Kirihara had found inside Yanagi's unprotected bag. Kirihara, who was quite confused, nodded absentmindedly. Yanagi, Sanada, and Yagyuu were creating new tactics that was to be used by the team until Yukimura returned and the trio of trouble-makers couldn't help but search through the nearest bag.

"It doesn't seem like Yanagi's style of writing nor is it his handwriting." Niou looked coolly over at the paper, as Marui's eyes began darting through the paper one more time.

Kirihara looked up at his sempai. "Then whose is it?" He asked curiously.

Before any of his sempais could answer, Sanada had saw them in his peripheral vision and yelled loudly for all three to an agonizing run of specifically fifty laps. As Yanagi shook his head in disapproval at the running three, the paper he held in his hand took the attention of the remaining three of the team - Sanada, Yaguu, and Jackal.

"So, whose is that, Yanagi-kun?" Yagyuu adjusted his glasses, questioning the Data Master.

Yanagi took another look at the writing and honestly answered, "I don't know."

The three looked to him in various kinds of shock. It didn't seem predictable that Yanagi Renji, yes, THE Yanagi Renji did not know something. Quite honestly, it was more to the point that he did not want to know. Whoever had written this was better off anonymous, a mystery for him to never unravel.

Yes, he will let somebody else find the author and won't be bothered with it. He had no time to find the writer - his main goal and focus was to keep the team at a winning rate until Yukimura heals and takes over. But deep inside, behind the passion for tennis, logical thinking, and head-focused actions, Yanagi Renji couldn't help but look at the piece of paper and think, "And you are?"