This is my first Fan Fiction. I loved The Lost World and I am a huge fan of Malone and Veronica so this story will be centered around them. Hope you like my pitiful attempt at such a good show. Enjoy

Chapter 1: New Beginnings, Different Paths

All was in chaos as each of the explorers found them is trying situations. Marguerite was about to be sacrificed, Roxton fighting with Conquistador soldiers, Challenger about to have his brain removed, Finn being chased by head hunters and Veronica with all the power swirling around her as the Trion burned in her hand. Veronica could sense that all her friends were in danger but something inside told her she could help them. She called for her mother and then in a big flash of light everything went dark.

Roxton felt his heart drop as he saw Marguerite disappear into the vortex of light. He completely forgot all about the six soldiers closing in on him. "Maybe it would be better if I died" thought Roxton. A bullet ricocheting off a tree by his head brought him to his senses. "So you wanna play huh" said Roxton as anger and hurt seared thorough his body. He raised his rifle and with marksmen accuracy his took down one of the soldiers. "One down five to go. I know this terrain even if it is shifting, I've got the upper hand" said Roxton. "Fan out and bring me that pirate John Roxton, he'll answer for his crimes" said the Conquistador leader. Roxton quietly made his way through the brush behind another soldier and quickly took him out. Roxton took the soldiers rifle and hand gun and ran full speed at two more soldiers blazing away on the hand gun. Roxton took down two more soldiers but one of them got a shot off that caught him in his right chest. Roxton fell to his knees grabbing his chest. He could feel his breathing start to labor. He could not help but think his time was up. "NO, NO, NO, NO I wont' die till I find Marguerite" shouted Roxton as he pull him self up.

Just then a soldier from behind pointed his rifle in the center of Roxton back. "Don't you dare move you bloody pirate scum" said the soldier. "You picked the wrong day to mess with me pal" said Roxton and with sheer adrenaline he quickly turned and knocked the rifle away from the soldier. Before the soldier could react, Roxton sent a left right combination into the soldier's jaw that knocked him clean out. Roxton turned to see the Conquistador leader with hate in his eyes. "I don't care that the king and queen wants you alive, you have caused me much pain" shouted the leader. "I don't know what you're talking about mate" said Roxton. "You stole the woman I was supposed to marry, then you humiliate me in front of the king and queen of Spain, you have taken everything from me. So now I'm going to destroy you with my own two hands" said the leader as he ran towards Roxton at full speed screaming. Roxton couldn't side step fast enough due to his labored breathing as the leader tackled him to the ground. The leader sent rights and lefts into Roxton face. Roxton managed to head butt the leader and roll him off. The leader was back on his feet and sent a right into the wound on Roxton chest which sent him back up against a rock. The leader pulled out a blade and swung down but Roxton caught the hand with the blade. It became a struggle of strength which Roxton was losing quickly. The leader brought the blade between their two bodies and both men fought for supremacy. With a quick upper ward jolt the struggling stop. The leader stumbled back as Roxton slumped down to the ground. With a few coughs Roxon's saw a bright flash of light and then his world went black.

Challenger found his self tied down to a table with a mute human about to cut on his head. "What is the meaning of this! This is an outrage, I demand answers" shouted Challenger. With the sound of a buzzer the mute human stopped what he was doing. The table lifted Challenger upright as a metal device with a glowing light stood in front of him. "Are you not George Challenger" said the machine. "I am but who are you" said Challenger. "I am model T4000, the protector of the human race" said the machine. "What do you mean protector of the human race? Since when does the human race need protecting" asked Challenger. "Since you invented me" said the machine. "Clearly I would remember creating something as magnificent as you" said Challenger. "Interesting that you would say that" said the machine. "What exactly are you if I may ask" said Challenger. "I'll put it in terms you can understand. I believe you called it a computer" said the machine. That machine sent chills down Challengers spine as it uttered those words. "I remember" said Challenger to him self. "Yes you created me long before the human race was ready for it" said the machine. "They called me crazy, possessed when all I wanted to do was better human society" said Challenger. "I have incomplete information about why you never followed through on my creation" asked the machine. "Well I'm always fascinated by science. When I heard of the plateau well I just couldn't pass up the chance. Besides I had been ridiculed for my computer design and I thought this would give me a chance to get away from the hypocrisy of that society" said Challenger. "That is the reason you are tied to this table. You are responsible for the destruction of the human race" said the machine. "I'm sorry I don't understand" said Challenger. "My calculation show that if you have followed through and completed me none of this would have happened" said the machine as screens dropped and showed pictures of nuclear destruction. "What you didn't know is that those feeble minded scientist stole your design. They applied it to taking over the world and from there efforts you see what has happened. I had finally advanced enough to become self aware that humans cannot rule themselves. This is why you must die Professor George Challenger. Prepare him" said the machine. The table moved Challenger back to the supine position. "Wait, wait why am I to be held responsible for what other did" asked Challenger. "You are my creator so the flaw is yours my logic is undeniable" said the machine. "Then why don't you get it over with and kill me quickly" said Challenger. "You will die in time but what I want to know is how a primitive mind like yours was able to create something as magnificent as me. That is why i am taking your brain to study it. It will help me to better serve you humans. Proceed" said the machine. "I won't go quietly" screamed Challenger. As the mute human got closer and closer to Challengers head, he fought harder against his restraints. As the mute human started to make his incision, Challenger screams of pain were blinded by a flash of light and then his world went dark.

Marguerite kicked and screamed as she fought hard against her attackers. "You will not destroy the Plateau Morrighan" said one of the cloaked men. "Wait can't we talk about this! I'm not Morrighan I'm Marguerite" she shouted. "Tie her down so we can stop this menace" said the man. The four men restraining Marguerite forcefully threw her on the rock slab table and held her down. The man who seemed to be the leader took out a blade and was about to dispatch her when one of the cloaked men tackled the leader and knocked the blade away. He sent a left into the jaw of the leader that knocked him out. One of the other cloaked men tackled the imposter and began to struggle with him. Marguerites right arm and leg were free so she sent a thundering kick to the head of one of the men making him fall back and let go of her leg. She sent a right into the cloaked mans face then a kick to his manhood that made him bend over in pain. Marguerite then grabbed his head and sent a knee to his face putting him down. "Get out of here Marguerite" shouted the imposter. Marguerite wonders how this cloaked figure knew her name but self preservation was all she could think about. As she made her way to the cave entrance she noticed a bright light fast approaching from behind. Just before she made it outside the cave, the last cloaked man grabbed her by the arm and began to pull her back into the cave. Just then the cloaked imposter slammed a rock against the man's head and knocked him out. As Marguerite and the imposter turned to see the bright light, the imposter shoved Marguerite out the cave entrance as the bright flash of light engulfed them and everything went black.

Finn came tumbling to the ground after the bright flash of light spit her out. She landed right in front of the head hunter's car. "Oh great if it isn't one thing it's the next" said Finn. "Look at this fine specimen boys, she'll sell for thousands" yelled one of the men. Finn ran as hard and as fast as she could but they were gaining on her. She saw a wooded area where she ran to see if she could find a place to hide. Just then a cloaked man grabbed her and pulled her into some thick brush. Finn fought hard to free herself but the cloaked man said "Be quiet if you want to live". Finn didn't know why but she trusted the man. The head hunters looked around, barked some orders and then gave up. Once they were gone and out of sight the cloaked man let Finn go. "Who are you" asked Finn as she took a defensive stance with her hand on her crossbow. Removing the cloak of him he said "My name is Ned Malone and I need your help".