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Chapter 9: Confusion

Dream: Malone and Tribune are locked in a heated battle. Tribune knocks off Malone's helmet. Tribune says: "Malone what are you doing here with them. You belong with your friends". Malone deals him a fatal blow. Before Tribune dies he tells Malone: "You don't belong with these men. Go back to your family at the tree house."

General Malone wakes up sweating and heart racing. He continues to have that same dream over and over.

"What does this mean" thinks Malone to himself.

He is deep in thought when Mordren walks in. Malone felt a swelling hatred for Mordren but can't figure out why.

"Why are you looking at me that way? You look as if you have seen a ghost" said Mordren.

"Maybe I have. I just got a lot in my head. I feel like I need to put my thoughts down in writing. You don't happen to have a journal or something" said Malone.

"I think your injuries are more serious than I thought" said Mordren.

"All generals want to write down their battles. Your going to do the same when you take over the world right" said Malone.

"I guess you have a point" said Mordren.

"Then get me my journal" demanded Malone.

"I will see what we can find. We leave in a day so if your not ready, I'll leave you here. I don't need dead weight" said Mordren as he left.

Malone glaring at Mordren goes back to his deep thoughts about his dream and fight he had with the lizard man named Tribune. He couldn't shake the feeling but somehow Tribune was familiar to him.

To Marguerites surprise she was not put into prison like she thought but was locked away in a room. She heard the door unlock and in walked Abigail and Veronica.

"Why did you come back" said Veronica through gritting teeth.

"Listen you may not care for me much but I have come back because we are all in danger" said Marguerite.

"You expect us to believe you after the stunt you pulled" said Veronica.

"I risked my neck to come back here and warn you" said Marguerite.

"Girls, girls please calm down. Veronica we need to hear what she has to say" said Abigail.

"I'll entertain her for one minute. One" said Veronica holding up her finger.

"How is it that Tribune knows about Avalon" said Marguerite.

"I'm done" said Veronica as she stormed towards the door.

"Wait, Veronica! Marguerite is telling the truth. What happened dear" asked Abigail?

Marguerite told them about her ordeal with Tribune and how she ran into Mordren's army. Abigail sat down on the bed and sighed heavily. She knew that there time was short and couldn't be wasted.

"Come we must continue the training" said Abigail.

"What do you mean we, she is not leaving this room" said Veronica.

"Yes she is and you are going to have to find a way to work out your issues with her" snapped Abigail.

"Tribune said that Mordren knows how to get to Avalon. So we don't have much time" said Marguerite.

"Please follow me, we must get the two of you to a safe location so you can focus on your training" said Abigail.

"I know you don't think much of me Veronica but you have got to understand that I have loved ones here, even you" said Marguerite.

"Let's get one thing straight. I'll go along with this but if I think you are trying to deceive or hurt any of us, I'll end you" said Veronica.

"Fair enough but remember this I'm not so easy to kill" said Marguerite with a cold stare.

Abigail, Veronica, Marguerite and Mia leave the room and head to the training grounds. Finn sees them leaving so she decides to tag along as well.

"Are you sure you are up to training" asked Veronica.

"If I'm going to be your Guardian, I got to get training" said Finn.

"Finn I don't want you to be my Guardian. Promise me you won't do it" said Veronica.

"Guardian or not, I'll still be by your side" said Finn.

"Hey Marguerite, Roxton told me you got some amazing new power" asked Finn.

Marguerite didn't even acknowledge Finn. Veronica was about to start another argument but Abigail silenced her. They reached the courtyard of the training grounds. Abigail took Marguerite and Veronica into the inner courtyard to practice techniques to help sync their power. Meanwhile Mia and Finn decided to spar.

"Man that was intense" said Finn wiping the sweat from her brow.

"You have got a lot of power in that small frame of yours" said Mia rubbing her jaw.

"Well where I come from you have to know how to handle yourself" said Finn.

"So what's your story" asked Mia.

Finn was about to tell Mia her life story when Roxton walked up and greeted them.

"Hey big brother, what's going on? Come to spar with us" asked Finn.

"I figured I might as well do some tuning up myself" said Roxton.

"Where are Challenger and Summerlee" asked Finn.

"You know their in the lab arguing, making something or blowing up something" said Roxton laughing.

"You are quite old, you think you can keep up" asked Mia.

"Well let's see if I can" said Roxton accepting the challenge.

Abigail could tell both women were growing stronger with each training session. Abigail knew it was time to tell them the truth about what they must do.

"I know this hasn't been easy for either of you but I think you are ready" said Abigail.

"What now" asked Marguerite?

"The stronger you two grow, the more power I loose. Veronica once you take your place as Protector I will die" said Abigail.

"You are going to die" said Veronica in disbelief.

"Yes but dear I have been doing this for a long time. I'm just glad I got to reunite with you again before my time is up" said Abigail.

"So that's what you have been hiding" said Marguerite.

"I wanted to tell the both of you sooner but things haven't gone as smooth as I had hoped. I used up so much power to save you Marguerite. The both of you need each other to make this turn out right. Whatever issues the both of you have with each other, you must settle them now" said Abigail.

"It's just after all we have been through I don't understand why Marguerite still keeps secrets from me" said Veronica.

"You know I've never been the trusting kind but you are right. I should have told you about Malone. Still I was thinking about your interest. I didn't want to hurt you further" said Marguerite.

"I know you did. I have always viewed you as my big sister, so what you say to me affects me a lot" said Veronica.

"As well you should because the two of you are sisters" said Abigail.

"What do you mean" asked Marguerite.

"Your father had two daughters. Marguerite your mother was from the line of Morrighan and Veronica you are from my line of Protectors. It's the whole reason I have tried to get you two together. Make no mistake Marguerite the line of Mordren will have a strong pull on you. You are naturally inclined to be drawn to him. That is why you need Roxton as a guide and this bond with Veronica. These will help you to resist that pull" said Abigail.

Marguerite turns and looks at Veronica. The news is overwhelming to Veronica as she begins to cry. Marguerite embraces her sister and tries to comfort her. Abigail nods to Marguerite and she walks out of the inner courtyard. Marguerite knew that she would have to protect everyone now.

"I'm scared Marguerite" said Veronica

"Me too but I'll make sure this turns out right" said Marguerite.

Veronica and Marguerite turn to leave the inner courtyard and see Roxton and Mia in a heated contest. Once Roxton sees Marguerite he lets his guard down and pays for it with a swift kick to the mid section. Roxton shrugs off the pain and runs to his wife. He picks her up and embraces her in a kiss that makes Mia, Finn and Veronica blush.

"I thought I had lost you. What happened to you" asked Roxton.

"Roxton no questions just please take me to our room and make love to me" said Marguerite.

With that Roxton swept Marguerite off her feet into his arms. Meanwhile Mordren gives the call for his army to move into attack position.

"Sir you want us to do what" asked one of the soldiers.

"Over that waterfall is the way to our glorious conquest" said Mordren.

"Are you sure about this sir" said another solider.

Mordren gets angry and sends red energy into the two soldiers that doubted him.

"Anyone else has any objections" threatened Mordren.

"No one else need die, I'll go first" said Malone

Malone walks over to the waterfall and has a sudden flash back dropping him to one knee. He shakes it off and stands back up. Malone can't put his finger on it but this place is familiar to him.

"Something wrong General Malone" asked Mordren.

"It's nothing" said Malone.

"Your orders sir" said a solider to Malone.

"Glory is over this waterfall, it's your now take it" shouts Malone as he jumps into the waterfall.

Modren and his army all land gently as they look back at the waterfall. Mordren drops to one knee and touched the lush grass of Avalon as he can feel his power increase and course through his body.

"Abigail, I'm home. Move out men and burn this place to the ground" shouted Mordren.