Teck(Tori and Beck)

This is the episode wherein Jade dumps Beck, and Tori visits Beck at his trailer. This is what I was thinking would actually happen, when they were alone together…

"Beck," I said softly, he was leaning against the threshold of his RV doorway, looking adorably rumpled, as though he'd just gotten out of bed.

"Come in," he pronounced with a trademark half grin, shutting the door with one deft hand and glancing at me nervously. He skulked over to his bed, lazily sprawling out on his pumpkin orange comforter, his dark eyes brewing with uncertainty.

"I think you should get back together with Jade," I said flatly, cheeks flooding with color. I drank in the expanse of his RV, taking in its aluminum-siding walls and funky art deco furniture.

"No way," he hugged his arms to his chest in confusion. "Why would you say that, Tori? Girl's never done a nice thing for me in my life."

"Because, deep down and I mean way deep down, the Goth's got a point. You guys are like so cute together and I know she's hard to get along with, Beck. What with her not being able to tolerate you hanging around Alyssa…" I babbled like a brook, sweat streaking my temple. I wiped away beads of perspiration with the back of one hand, watching as Beck slowly rose from his bed and approached me with an air of ease.

"There's no way I can do that," Beck said huskily, lips inches from my own.

"Why not?"

"I can't do that, because I'm in love with you Tori." Beck confessed.

"WHAT?" I blurt aloud, eye brows arched in confusion.

"Ever since that day," Beck stated calmly, eyes giving nothing away. "Ever since I've realized how much I felt when we kissed, and every time you smile… and every time you sing; I can't get enough of you, Tor."

"I can't," I sputtered. "We can't do this, Beck. Jade will kill me."

"She can't if she doesn't know," Beck whispered, tucking a strand of chestnut brown hair behind my ear and pressing his lips to mine. I nearly swooned from his soft lips on mine, from the hard intensity of his passion, of his arms locked around my torso, of his sweet breath in my ear. I nearly swooned because he was all mine and more. I didn't care what Jade thought. She could find her own man.