Orochimaru stood in front of the shaking genin in the forest of death. The girl was utterly useless and Orochimaru wondered how could she have graduated from the academy in the first-place...
The Uchiha was also shaking in fear. It was disappointing really.
he did not need such a weak host... perhaps he should test him one final time.
Orochimaru summoned one of the bigger snakes and ordered it to attack the genin. th snake threw itself at them. It was obvious to Orochimaru what will happen. He prepared to shunshin away but then something happened. The snake was stopped dead in its tracks by a blonde orange-clad team-mate of Uchiha. The jinchuuriki came to save the day.
Perhaps he would actually use Uchiha as the host... after all if he had such a teammate he would grow no matter if he wanted to get all the power without trying to do anything. The jinchuuriki would make him try.
The jinchuuriki shouted at his team-mates to get away and then attacked me... surprisingly fast and powerful.
I sealed him with a Gogyou Fuuin and he fell over my hand like a puppet with strings cut.
I almost threw him down to his death... but something in me stopped me. I felt something i have not felt in almost four decades. My true nature called out to me... and no matter how stupid and idiotic it was to do... I answered that call.
I gave Uchiha the Cursed Seal and left with the blond.
I unsealed him and woke him up. He backed away from me but he had nowere to run. I calmly stood up and slipped out of my shirt(A/N forgot how its called) and the blonde froze up cautios.
I turned off the jutsu that gave me a somewhat masculine if a creepy look. I undid the bandages binding my breasts and slipped out of my pants revealing that I wore no underwear.
And then I said the words I shouldn't Have said.
-I want you, Naruto-kun...