Author's Notes: Got motivated to update from a livestream a bunch of us had some time ago. I've had this finished for weeks, but I kept forgetting to Revise the grammar- I procrastinate too much.

Anyways, I'll try to update more, I do have an idea where this will go, but I just lack motivation, but it will get done...Slowly.


Captain Gundam sat on Shute's comfy couch in the living room- beside him were Zero,Bakunetsumaru and Genkimaru. It was around noon time, the sun slowly descending to greet the other side of the planet. The four gundams were enjoying one another's company and slices of Sayala's pink frosted cake Shute had been given the other day.

said human then came to couch from the kitchen and flopped down. Captain couldn't help but admire how much shute had grown within the past few years. It seemed like only yesterday the now young man was once a boy who eagerly skated circles around the three gundams, wanting to go on another mission before his curfew; now he was a tall,handsome young man who took on missions at the SDG to protect his home.

" So Captain, I heard the ex-commander Sazabi had been pestering you." Genkimaru commented, earning a sharp look from Bakunetsumaru who was obviously the only one able to tell Genki this information.

" Yes, he has been coming to see me more often, bu-"

" I saw him in the halls yesterday, gave me such a fierce look! I was only asking him how his day fared and yet he took as if I called him a servant!" Zero interrupted Captain's reply.

" Wel-" Captain tried to explain Stalemate's sour moods, but was interrupted once more.

" He should be more thankful! In Ark you would have been killed if they found you still alive! The chief is too forgiving!" Baku leaned forward to get his point across.

" The chief knows what he's doing. Sazabi does deserve a second chance." Shute gave his own opinion; when he looked toward Captain he found the gundam giving him an appreciated look.

" The chief should have sent Sazabi to Ark to train with me under the force! Maybe the ex-commander could help me scare Zapper and the others to listen to me better." Genki suggested, reaching over to grab another slice of cake.

"Hold it! You are eating too much! You must be disciplined and gluttony is not helping." The older Musha smacked Genki's hand from the cake. The young musha pouted,slouched in his seat and crossed his arms.

As the others continued the conversation, swaying to many other subjects now, Captain sat in silence looking down to his cake. Why did the idea of Stalemate leaving hurt him so much? It would be better for the Axian to be with his old comrades, but yet the idea made the Neotopian gundam hurt right in his soul drive. There wouldn't be any more distractions if Sazabi left, but for Shute who came just about every day to chat with his best friend.

He felt like countering back to Genkimaru's suggestion, yelling at the child gundam to mind his own business- that it was a horrible idea, no other place was better than Blanc Base. But he didn't, he couldn't, it was not right to do nor orderly.

"Hey, Cappy, you okay?" Shute's voice pulled Captain out of his thoughts. The gundam realized he had one hand over his soul drive and the other was using his fork to pick at his uneaten cake slice.

"I'm fine, shute. I'm going to head back to the base, I need to send my finished reports to the chief." Captain stood from his seat and place his plate on the table.

" I call his cake!" Genkimaru reached over for plate,grabbed the cake with his hand and shoved it in his mouth before Baku could object.

"You little brat!" The red musha pinched the green musha's cheeks and pulled at the soft spots; Genkimaru whined and tried to push Baku off, but could not.

"Yush Jeoark!" He growled, spitting slightly.

"Okay then, I'll come by tomorrow!" Shute smiled that smile that made Captain smile back no matter what; the gundam nodded, appreciating how his best friend knew when he wanted to talk and not.

"I'll see you all later." The Neotopian gundam walked on out the door.

" Farewell my comrade."

" Yes, see you later my friend."

"Bai, Cap'm!"

[Line break]

Captain Gundam entered the middle-west wing where the employee's rooms were. He found himself walking almost tiredly and his head hanging down-feeling a weird emotion; what was this? It felt like sadness, and... Sorrow? Dismay? Longing? It was somewhat new to him- it reminded him of when he was sent back to Base for fix up while Shute and the others went on to arc. Captain remembered laying there on a repair table, worrying about shute as Kao Lynn worked on the repairs.

The gundam was deep in his thoughts that he didn't notice a certain Axian coming up.

"Yo, Chronos." Stalemate greeted once Captain came into view; the ex-commander was leaning his left shoulder against the wall, his back towards the hall entrance with papers in his hand.

Captain stopped just a few steps ahead, not realizing he was greeted until now. He looked back to Stalemate and nodded.

"Good evening Sazabi."

"Shweesh! You look and sound all emo, whats wrong?" The ex-commander pulled his papers down from his face; the great Captain Gundam had his head hung low and shoulders slumped, something the axian had never seen in him.

" Nothing is wrong, just a bit tired." Captain lied-not feeling good about it; he just didn't want anyone to worry, especially since Captain didn't even know what was wrong with himself. He spotted the papers in Stalemate's hands and became curious-using this emotion to cover up his depressed mood.

"What are those papers for if you don't mind me asking?"

"These-?" Stalemate held up the papers in his hand. "I was given these by the chief. Its an offer to be moved to Ark and be under that kid Musha's rule with the rest of the Axians."

Chronos felt the depression wash over him again-harder this time. So the chief agreed with Genkimaru? They were going to move Stalemate a dimension away. Fine- it was fine with him, it was for the best anyways. But then...why did it further Captain's sadness to know it was true; well this is where the saying, ' Whats best isn't always good for everyone' came in.

" Then I hope for you a safe journey there." Chronos turned away so the Axian could not see the hurt in his face. The gundam then walked onwards to his room.

Stalemate stood there dumbfounded for a second; so Chronos cared if he left. That was what the ex-commander was hoping for, but he didn't realize seeing Captain so depressed would hurt him so much; perhaps this was getting too serious. Then again, Stalemate couldn't care less at the moment- his little white and blue gundam was feeling down.

Stalemate reached over and grabbed Captain's hand, keeping him from walking any further.

" You don't want me to go." He stated.

Chronos' soul drive skipped a rotation; was this why he felt so gloomy? Because Stalemate was going to leave him? Why would he not want the axian to be with his own army?

"No, its better for you-" The blue and white gundam retorted, keeping his hand straight in the other's hand.

" Gonna miss me barging in your room and keeping you company?"

" No, I get visitors all the time-"

"You need more than that boy to keep you company, and what better than another gundam with a soul drive?"

" So now you recognize Shute as a being?"

" Don't try and change the subject Chronos. You don't want me to leave the base, to leave yo-"

The Neotopian gundam snapped back so fast and fierce that the axian nearly took a step back.

" Its for the best! You should be with your comrades, you would also be of better use there-" Chronos tried to pull his hand free of stalemate's grip, but couldn't; why were the other's hand so strong and big?

"Who the slag said they were my comrades? They're idiots who were defeated by a young boy and three little gundams-"

"You were as well beaten by this little boy and his three little gundams-"

"Once! And I gave them a run for their money! While those fools got defeated millions of times before. I am not their comrade Chronos, if anything I am their superior." Stalemate said so coldly and cruel that Captain regretted saying what he said.

"T-Thats why its better for you go there, you can help Genkimaru keep them disciplined." Chronos finished their argument; that was that.

"...But who said I was going?"

Chronos stood there in complete shock. Why was he not going?


" The chief SUGGESTED I go, these papers are just a sort of pamphlet of what would happen to me there. I declined instantly though before the chief could tell me to think it over." Stalemate smirked, squeezing the smaller gundam's hand.

"B-But, you should go-"

" You can't get rid of me that easily Chronos, I'm going to be here always to bug you. You know I'm better company than these Organics."

"Stalemat-" The smaller gundam tried to talk, but he just couldn't; the red gundam had done this on purpose to test his emotions. And it had worked.

" You know you'd miss me Chronos."

He would. It some odd way, Chronos 'Captain' Gundam had grown accustomed so much to Stalemate being with him that something was growing within the blue and white gundam's soul drive. This new feeling for the axian was close to being as strong as Captain's love for Shute, but for some reason that did not seem enough for the both of them.

Chronos slowly wrapped his fingers around Stalemate's palm and gave it a squeeze; he walked closer to the red gundam and smiled.

"I would...Because you are my friend Stalemate, and I do like your company."

This statement caused the ex-commander's soul drive to spin faster and urge him to pull the gundam into a hug, but that was something Stalemate did not want to do- fearing it would scare off Chronos. Instead the red gundam crumpled up the papers, threw them to the floor and grabbed the blue gundam's other hand. Both soul drives were rotating fast, causing Sazabi to realize that he was not only taking Captain's innocence-slowly making the defender fall in love with him- but also falling in love with Captain as well.

He would have cared more about loving the blue gunda if he were still a commander, but since he had nothing to lose now that he wasn't- but perhaps a bit of his respect from the other axians still alive- Sazabi did not in the slightest. He would Make Chronos his own and no one else's- his only enemy most likely being the human, Shute, for Captain's undying love.

" You do know you have to pick that trash up, right?"

Stalemate sighed; "Fine."