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Spoilers: No actual spoilers, but you should have a basic knowledge of the workings of Season 6.

Timeframe: It seems to be set in the somewhat near future, despite having been written over a month ago.

Summary: Gives you some reasons for why Buffy can't stop seeing Spike (aside from the obvious one that she actually loves him but won't admit it.)


Every time she left, she swore it would be the last time. And every time she saw him again, she knew that it was a lie. She couldn't stop. But more importantly, she didn't want to.

He did something to her, every time they were together. He did something none of her friends could; he made her feel. He made her feel passionate and free, he made her feel beautiful and powerful in a way not at all related to her Slayer strength. But most importantly, he made her feel love. When she was with him, the void inside her was filled, and she felt whole. She didn't know why she only felt that way with him, and frankly ... she was tired of trying to figure it out. She just knew she liked it. She'd tried to tell herself she was addicted to him - which she was - like Willow was addicted to magic, and that it was a bad thing that she had to put a stop to. But unlike magic, Spike had a will of his own, and he wouldn't let her stop. The longer she stayed away from him, the better he made it.

Believe it or not, it wasn't all about the sex. Granted, that was incredible, but ... It was more than that. She'd tried for the longest time to pretend it was just about satisfying a need. But Spike wanted to talk to her, to converse, to learn about the girl he'd fallen in love with. And, little by little, she'd opened up. Not as much as with Angel, but... she had a feeling she would never be as open with anyone as she was with Angel, simply because she had been young and innocent then, and now she wasn't. Angel had been her first real boyfriend, and as much as she didn't like blaming him for anything, she had to admit that it was Angelus who had jaded her to the world of boys and relationships.

Spike loved her despite her jadedness. No matter what she said, no matter how much she ranted about him only being a demon, incapable of love, she knew that Spike loved her whole-heartedly, and that love was extended to her sister.

Spike was her own personal romance novel cover-guy. He swept her off her feet, rode off into the night with her, and ignored all her protests that she didn't feel the same, because he knew as well as she did, better in the beginning, that she was lying through her perfect teeth. She loved Spike, more than she'd loved Riley, and differently than she'd loved Angel. She'd loved Angel as a girl. She loved Spike as a woman. And she loved him quite well.

As she made her way to his crypt once again, she gave up trying to deny her attraction to him. He was irresistible to her.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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