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The morning came with heavy fog, so it was cold, since the sun's ray was blocked out by the thickness of moist clouds. It was a lot harder working in such bleakness; it was so difficult to see for a ton of the workers. Flik was launched into one of the younger forager groups, who were hand picked by the Queen to search the inland of the island. The groups who searched the outer edges and the beaches were the professional collectors. He didn't really enjoy his training very much because doing it all of every day got old. It was truly, very boring, especially when he was in a mood as bleak as the fog.

"Flik!" called his mother, Kara, smiling as she stood atop the hill in the clover wood. Her only son soon joined her, excited. They were going on a forage early that morning and they were the first find something miraculous. She then pointed to the giant fruit that had been dropped by a bird. It was a rare fruit, indeed and it glowed like the sun. The auroma of it was breathtakingly wonderful.

"Whoa!" the small ant gaped. "What-what-what is it?" he stuttered.

"I have no clue." she laughed. "But that has to be the biggest berry I've ever seen."

The female worker and her young one both ran down with high spirits to that glowing treasure.

Suddenly, Flik was shoved awake, much to his dislike.

"Come on, kid. Let's get going." hissed a teenage worker beside him, who gave him a sharp shove.

"I'm up." Flik groaned, slowly standing after another almost sleepless night.

The day was another hot one and it was, yet, another full day of heavy foraging. For the workers in training, they were lead into the clover forest to develop their hoisting skills. It was crucial for workers to be quick to lift seeds just in case of any emergency. Each young ant was assigned to carry seeds, according to their sizes, across the assigned range in a certain amount of time. The only trainee who was struggling intensely was Flik, whose seed kept sliding out of his grip. The female instructer kept an eye on the poor boy and finally went up to him.

"Come on, honey. You can do this. I'm sure you can." She solemnly egged him on, looking genuinely worried for him.

"I'm – I'm trying." Flik voice shook.

"Flik, you know I want you to graduate with the next class this summer. I don't want to keep you on the same level, season after season. Just pick up the seed and jog. There's not much to it."

Flik stayed silent and tried again to hoist the seed over his shoulder. He staggered for a moment, but recovered. He, then, focused all of his attention on the opposite side of forest where the others were running to. But the kernal was too heavy for him and it kept slipping out of his grip. Suddenly, to his dismay, the call horn was sound and he looked to realize that he had failed the test, once again. Depressed, he slumped to the dirt next to the kernal and merely looked on in humiliation. The other children were hopping about each other, high fiving and cheering. All but poor Flik…the colony's runt. What was wrong with him? Ever since his mother vanished everything began to fall apart. Bud's taunting laugh brought Flik back to the present.

"Ha HAH! LOSER!" the bully cackled, kicking a rock at Flik's direction. Luckily, Flik leaped away from the rock.

"Why do you even bother? You're a runt!" Bud hissed at him.

Flik just glared at Bud, making him laugh. Once Bud and the other young ants ran off to play, the female instructer walked up to him with pity in her eyes. Flik gazed up at her, almost thinking that she was someone else, but no.

"Flik. I know you are trying hard, but maybe it's best if you train for the tunneling teams. Foraging is a terrible chore during the summer and…"

"But, the tunnels are so boring."

"But it's not as difficult as climbing stalks."

Flik's antennae's sagged as he trailed his gaze to the ground. She placed a comforting hand on his back and smiled sweetly at him.

"Come on, let's get back to the hill."

Meanwhile, there was a matter being resolved in the court tunnels. There was a crisis for the colony and it wasn't food shortage, nor was it water. There was an infestation happening across the river within a rotting tree near banks.

"Termites?" Thorny barked. "How could there be termites?"

"They can live anywhere where there's wood, not too mention our dear tree." the Queen fearfully mentioned.

Little Atta was sitting down on the stone on the sidelines looking on in shock. Her mother enforced her to attend the council meetings since she must learn for herself the ways of how the council handled problems. She didn't mention that she disliked these meetings most of the time.

"We can't fight them off, Your Highness. These insects produce something that can kill off anything."

"If we can create an allience?" Cornilius mentioned.

"With them? With those monsters? You're crazy, old man!"

"It is a chance, Thorny." the Queen calmed the thrashing councilman. "Perhaps it is the right way as of late. We, as a colony, we are not enemies of those outside of us. We only harvest. We never bring conflict to any creature. The termites are no exception on this matter. Unless, it is they who attack us."

Atta swallowed hard and ran out of the court and into the busy tunnels in search for her closest friend.