Hello, this is my first story.

Six feet Under, David fisher the younger days.

I walked into the school the first day back since the summer had started. For me i wish it had never ended. David walked with his brother Nate. He walked behind him as Nate always was to cool to walk with his brother.

David walked to his first class with one of his best friends Kristin. She was one of the most pretty, intelligent and excitable person he had met. He admired her, a real good friend.

They chatted of their summer, but Kristin had only one thing on her mind. She looked at David with luscious eyes. What she had seen in her dream was David and she kissing on her bed in her steamiest, hot dream she had ever experienced. She decided to tell David about the dream. David felt a strange sensation, nothing he had ever felt before, well he had but not with a girl.

Love is complicated.

He has no feelings for Kristin; she was too good a friend.

After School, David and Kristin went for a walk beside the River Kevin. Kristin and David gossiped and laughed, like they usually did.

The Laughter stopped.

Kristin looked at David in the eyes.

"David have you ever had Bi-curious thoughts?" Kristin Asked.

David was struck, unable to talk.

"Er... Er... Em"

"Yes" David said ashamedly.


Kristin looked at David, her dream was in the past now.

"David i love you for the way you are."

"Never be ashamed for who you want to be!"

"You will always have me"

The subject changed.

"Did you see what Flora was wearing today?" said Kristin angrily.


One thing David had learned about first days of school, every girl was at competition with each other to look the best. A compliment a girl may give to another girl about what she was wearing, merely means that they look awful.

Morning came, another day of school. Sigh!

Samantha came to the door, another really good friend of David's, also a love interest of Nate. She was in his year, an excellent listener and friend. Her long flowing Hair swished his face, the smell of strawberries!

David, Nate and Samantha began their walk to school or what was really a kissing recital between Nate and Samantha. David felt so uncomfortable, alone.

Today was not a good day; David liked to call them his "gay days". These stood for him feeling alone needing a guy to hold him.

David sat through Biology looking at Ryan, the jock of his year with a hidden secret. Ryan sat there with massive biceps blocking the view out of the window.

David liked Ryan, a strange experience he had never experienced before. Maybe it was because he was with a guy. He had never felt this with past girlfriends.

Love is a strange thing that David believes you can share with anybody, a Man or Woman.

David seemed to be flowing out of Biology into Dream World.

Everybody stared at David in the dream, his eyes spinning. They all began to shout Gay abuse at him.

He woke up screaming, everybody turned around laughing.

The teacher took David to the medical room where his mother Ruth came to pick him up.

Ruth and David got into the car.

Ruth sounded concerned. "David are you ok? You can talk to me about anything you know that?"

David ignored that comment and hid behind his jacket, trying not to show the tears in his eyes.

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